Contemporary tendencies in studio furnishing


Geometric trends studio interior

Studio furnishing doesn’t distinguish much from a standard apartment’s furnishing, but requires more creativity because of the architectural specifications of this type of flat.

 If the area is larger, then the separate zones are usually planned out in the course of planning out its configuration. This makes the choice of furniture easier. A small studio needs to be furnished with creativity and resourcefulness, so that it corresponds to all the necessities of a convenient household. The room, used most frequently during the daytime, are the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

Modern studio bedroom design


Studio bedroom interior design

The bedroom is the zone for sleep and relaxation. The most appropriate style of furnishing is minimalism. A simplistic furniture design would create a notion of spaciousness, without taking away from the comfort of living. Suitable for the living-room are module constructions, which can be placed in many different patterns. Build-in light in the furniture would serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. Folding sofas and couches are an appropriate choice, as they can be used for both the daytime as seats and the might time as beds, a futon is another option for the night time.

minimalist living area


Contemporary living area interior design

The furniture can be arranged around the fire-place, if there is such. The television monitor can be attached to the wall and serve as both a part of the technological devices and decoration alike. The zone for dining should offer comfort. The set of table and chairs should be carefully chosen. If the space is insufficient for placing a cupboard or chest of drawers, the decoration would be enough. The desktop usually separates the zone for dining from the zone for storing the electrical appliances and kitchen storage furniture. Aspiration devices are of highest importance. They should be the best and most contemporary, so that the entire flat wouldn’t be reminiscent of a kitchen.

The kitchen


Minimalist kitchen studio interior design

In the kitchen box, the shelves, attached to the walls, would help create order in the zone and at the same time convenience when using them. It’s best they be made per order. A night zone can be absent, if the kitchen could be arranged in such a manner, that it serves this function, as well. If there is a night zone, a tester covered bed would be a good idea to visually separate this area from the others. A cloak can serve the same purpose. With the help of low light, the necessary atmosphere for solitude will be achieved.

Text by B. Angelov


Geometric minimalist living room interior


Geometric bathroom interior design

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