Color schemes in the interior design of 2012


Modern natural colorful bedroom design

Color scheme is usually the most important element in the interior design.

Materials are those key elements that are mostly picked up by professionals and we decide only by having the idea how something looks but. That is why the color is the least thing we can choose when starting arranging, furnishing and decorating a room or a whole home – the new one we are about to step in. Color schemes in the interior design of 2012 are bright, cheerful and very odd. The main ideas and the newest trends of the upcoming year and the interior design ideas that it will bring with itself are connected to the conceptions of free life, happy daily routines, positive thoughts and strong power for being able to dream all the time.

Elegant minimalist bedroom


Elegant minimalist bedroom

Thus, the colors in the homes of 2012 are playing some usual game with you, turning your bad mood into a wish to live forever. Ok, let`s do everything step by step. Let start with the bedroom – we do need a place to sleep, right? So, make sure, firstly you have somewhere to get rest when you enter your new house. The bedroom color schemes of the upcoming year are joyful and spending. Furniture is mostly red, pink, yellow or brown. Walls are pink and blue. Flooring terracotta is in elegant grey or golden. Carpets still dominates as the main accent in the decoration.

Minimalist living room


White and Oak wood color scheme – Minimalist living room design

Living room is full of magnificence and luxury. This luxury is emphasized with a rich color scheme, where golden, chocolate, mahogany, purple and ruby rose are the main nuances. They are stressed with black impressive wall decorations and with an amazing pavement and a gorgeous chandelier on the ceiling.

Yellow kitchen design by Snaidero


Kitchen color scheme  – Modern yellow kitchen design by Snaidero

The dining room and the kitchen are yellow and orange. That will be the most chosen colors for the main rooms in the house. These colors will bring happiness and great mood into your lives. They will make an illusion that you do not have any problems any more…and finally you will not have such. Just try these great color schemes ideas for your 2012 interior design and you will not regret.

Text by Abigail

Stylish yellow dining area


Yellow color scheme – Stylish yellow dining area interior

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