Circles and spots are the ornaments in the interior design of 2012


Contemporary minimalist round table

2012 is coming and the new trends in home interior design are coming as well. Some of them are even here now – in the last days of 2011. If you are wondering what will be the ornament of interior design in 2012, we are here just about to tell you, before you buy something that will be not contemporary and minimalistic – and a contemporary minimalistic home is what you are looking for, right?

Minimalist circle rounded sofa


Minimalist circle rounded sofa design

So, the new special, main and fundamental elements in the interior design of the upcoming 2012 are the circles and the spots. Your life will definitely change in the new 2012 year – and we all hope it will change for good. And meanwhile home interior design will reverse into 360 degree, as well.

Round wall mirror


Futuristic modern round wall mirror

Circles, spots and rounded shapes will be seen in the construction procedures in big design and manufacturing agencies and firms. Rounded pieces of furniture – beds, tables, chairs and sofas are coming to turn your head and to make your home upside down – because the new trends in interior design are here to bring some comfortableness and beauty into your home.

Curved desk design


Contemporary curved innovative desk design

The rounded furniture will make the whole interior design look softer, cozier and more welcoming. We should admit that the angular forms are mostly strict and severe – they speak of a discipline and order, while circles and spots speak of a nice asymmetry and disorder – the good one, the harmonious one.

Modern rounded bed design


Modern rounded bed design

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov