Chill out – talking about the music, and the interior design


We all need peace in our souls, we all need harmony in our bodies. And we all need some positive feelings in our hearts.

The everyday life, unfortunately, is to stressing to preserve these really important things in our lifetime and sometimes we have to take it in our own hands – we cannot change the reality, but we can change the way we feel it. Start your new approach to life by making yourself feeling good at home and feeling good in your soul. Start with the music; start with the interior design and the environment that surrounds you every day.

Minimalist romantic bathroom decorating


Chill out is the music that can calm you down. The melody is able to transmit your bad feelings somewhere far away, and the positive ones to come into your consciousness. A song can change your mood, and a chill out version will make you feel it deep. Ok, music is the answer. But the interior design are those answers we meet everyday – shouldn`t we change our home if want to live in harmony and peace? Of course, we should. Start with the bathroom. Install a tube – immediately. This is the best friend of any busy man nowadays. Combine the elegant black or grey tube with some mini decorative table from ceramic besides it. Put tens of candlesticks among the bathrooms – cure your usual bad mood with aroma therapy.

Minimalist bedroom interior


Move to the bedroom. If you have ever felt bad in your own bed, it must be replaced – immediately. This means it no longer serves you, and your only desire to get some rest and relaxation. Although you are single, pick up some gorgeous minimalistic bedroom suite and cover it with curtains made from gentle and soft mantle.

Living room with a hammock


Living room that can relax your body and your soul is this one, which is furnished with hammock instead of a strict leather sofa. Chairs could be replaced, as well – and following the idea of relaxation and peace, you may use some enormous decorative armchairs in a shape of pillows – full of rise or goose feather. Chill, enjoy the music in your life, and make your own life, your favorite music!
Text by Abigail

Living room interior design


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