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Modern vintage living room

Vintage is a style and a flow that brings to us memories and nostalgia better than any other can do. This style in the interior design is usually connected with the period between 1940 and 1950 year, but, yet, is still preferred from a big part among the aristocratic families and bourgeois people from some closed societies.

Vintage elements in dining room


Vintage elements in dining room

Vintage is a style of romance, love and beautiful melancholy. It presents to us a big catalogue of old, retro and classical furniture, which have the ability to look contemporary and pretty even nowadays. Vintage symbolizes domestic coziness, hidden passion and love feelings for sailors and lost princess in the epochs, it represents to us the conception of a quiet and calming atmosphere that could turn us back to the old days – to our carefree childhood, to our gold youth and to the best day we had had with friends, relatives and our idols.

Vintage living room interior decors


Vintage living room interior decors

Classic vintage living room comes in a worm and soft color scheme. White, pink and light brown are dominating but green, purple and red decors are always set for an eccentric accents. The materials are mostly wood and iron, and the textiles – nice for touching cotton, silk and lots of lace for a decoration. Most popular motives in the Vintage style are flowers and stripes. Everything in this living room looks so simple and perfect!


Contemporary vintage decors


Contemporary vintage decors in living room

The arrangement in the Vintage living room is an ordinary and classical one, as well. The set of a wooden or glass table and the soft sofa is mainly placed in the middle of the room or just besides the wide windows, covered with lovely curtains, which are almost the same as your granny used to have at home years ago. But that is the charm in Vintage style – it is not an antique flow; it gathers just the old things that have some semantic and sentimental value to ourselves. The beauty of a Vintage living room is usually seen only by us – the owners – because it is only us who knows how valuable all of these great things in the living room are.
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Vintage arrangement of living room


Vintage arrangement of living room

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