“All In“ – interior design idea


Card theme table and chairs design

We all have some wick point, we do all have some weaknesses that may sound a little bit odd and even disgusting to the others. But they do not make us bad people, they make us different. And what would be if we were all the same?! What would it be if our homes were all the same… I think you will agree with me that it would be a disaster!

All in game room design


Contemporary All in game room design

“All In“ interior design is an idea for gambling – we all do need to gamble sometimes, don`t we? Try with having the risk to turn your house into a game room – ok, at least one of them or at least to put some accents connected with this theme. All in – do not hesitate or wonder – you will not lose money, on the contrary – you will invest in an interesting and original interior design that will shock and impress the others!

Elegant living room furnitures


Elegant modern living room furnitures

Gambling theme in the interior design is mostly impressed in the decoration procedures. The decors could be different – it depends on how you understand the meaning of All in action. You can put some loco dices on the shelves or find some original damask with such motives. Playing cards could be the ornaments on your wallpapers and a collection of old coins and bills may be arranged on the section in your home living room.

Illumination in minimalist living room


Illumination in minimalist living room

Put an accent on the illumination. Use some colorful electric bulbs and install more lighting sets on the whole room. Make it light up, so you could feel as you are in the biggest casino in Las Vegas. Instead of armchairs or chairs, furnish the rooms with bar chairs. Cover the floors with glorious carpets and pick up some vanguard curtains for the windows.
All in – take the risk; make your home look like a game room, life may not be a game, but at your own home you are free to set up your own rules and to live the way you want to.
Text by Abigail

Minimalist playing colors living room


Minimalist playing colors living room

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov