Modern means natural

Posted on 14/11/2011 Author: . Under: Interior Design

Modern means natural



Spacious minimalist kitchen interior

Contemporary interior and exterior design ideas include different styles, different shapes and always shares an idea with you. This idea could be a personal one – coming from designer`s soul – or an idea that gives voice to a modern conception of lifestyle. Recently, ecology has become a really modern discussed theme.

Modern interior design


Modern interior design in black and white

It appeared in technology, in public discussions, in political strategies and even in the interior design. On one hand, we are called to save the planet and be a little bit more frugal of nature and the reassures. In this case we cut away wood – to save the planet – and put plastic tables and plastic chairs, so it is like our home screams “Made in China”. Thus, all rooms look cheap and simple. But most of people love luxury, prefer expensive furniture to avoid the annually overhauls and truly believe in the idea that home must be safe and comfortable, so cheap things have no place here.

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