Minimalism – different perspective and different ideal plan


Minimalistic bathroom furnishing

Minimalism is more and more frequently used in modern furnishing. It gives opportunity for the space to be used as well as possible, without overdoing the furniture usage. Thus, the inhabitants can feel comfortable and not lack of any conveniences. At the same time, a great field of experimentation and originality in arranging the interior is created. There is opportunity for interesting colour decisions for the walls, the floor covering and the furniture itself. And most importantly – a feeling of spaciousness is present, as long as the place is well lit, comfortable and warm.

Minimalist bedroom furnishing


Minimalist bedroom furnishing

The choice of furniture is of especial importance. They should be light, functional and, of course, corresponding to the home masters’ preferences. The light constructions allow the choice of furniture, which can be made multifunctional, if the room is used both during the day time and at night.When choosing the colours of the walls, the lighter nuances should be especially considered, for they give a feeling of spaciousness to room and give way to incoming daylight. The light tones create an optical illusion for a bigger room with more free space. The same effect can be achieved by a carefully chosen synthetic lighting, equally spread in the confines of the room, or accenting on a specific part of it.

Minimalist furnishing


Light colour minimalist furnishing

The fact that lighter colours give freedom for the choice of furniture colours is also essential. If the owners would like to take an untraditional approach towards the walls’ and floor covering’s appearance, they should take this fact under consideration, so as to avoid any unbalance between the various furnishing elements.In order for the interior design to look complete, the accents in it need to be carefully chosen out. This goes mainly for the arts and decoration elements. Their style has to be in unison with the general interior plan and give the feeling of completeness to the furnishing.

Minimalistic kitchen furnishing


Minimalistic kitchen furnishing

Possible mistakes include combining simple minimalistic elements with heavy baroque furniture, which would create a feeling of unbalance for the house masters and guests alike. The choice of colours and accents and the combinations between them is a formidable task as well. The main rule in minimalism should never be forgotten – preciseness and feel for the choice of every single element.

Minimalistic living room


Minimalistic living room design

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