Light and Shade – Natural Light in the Modern Home

The inspiration of: Fine Artists, Photographers and Film Makers, the power of natural light is not to be underestimated.

 Natural Light and The Modern Architecture


The Structure Design Give Filter Natural Light to the Interior

The element of natural light could be considered to be out of our control as it depends on the variability of: climate, weather, season and the time of day. The location of our homes will also alter the amount and quality of the light entering our living spaces.

Consequently, is natural illumination so unmanageable?  Of course not – we can welcome it into our homes or we can block it out entirely.  However, it is the subtleties in between these two extremes that is the focus here. How can we alter the quality of the natural light entering our space? How can we make the best use of this wonderful resource to enhance our lives?

 House inviting the natural light


The Grangegorman House where the natural light comes into our lives through windows

Forgive the obvious statement – but natural light comes into our lives through windows!!! So really under scrutiny, is the selection of window coverings available and how we may make best use of these to manipulate the natural light source in a pleasing and practical way.


The range of obtainable products breaks down into four main categories namely: shutters, blinds, drapes or curtains.  All of these may be used to enhance your rooms and limit or enrich the play of light in your environment.

 Modern shutters


Modern Minimalist Architecture house with Contemporary Shutters

Shutters may not be the most common choice of window ‘treatment’ but are by far one of the most dramatic. In particular, the louvered shutter, associated with so many exotic locations.

Akin to the shutter, but less permanent, Venetian Blinds cast striking shadows and allow for the formation of a wide range of lighting nuances.Curtains and drapes remain the most popular forms of window dressing, probably because the choice of fabrics and styles is endless – from simple and minimalistic, to grandiose and palatial.

Curtains and Drapes in the Interior Design


Interior Design – Loft in Amsterdam

This brief overview is intended to be ‘Food for Thought’.  You may believe that selecting something as basic as a window covering may seem routine – even banal.  However, the essence of good design is in the detail.  Create your ideal living space in the same way an artist composes a painting.  All elements combine together to create the perfect expression of who you are.


More to follow…


By Jaz

Light and Shade- In the Modern Home – Window Shutters



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