Interior lighting


Interior lighting design

Lighting in the home is one of the most important and crucial factors for the overall vision of the interior.

It may as well to highlight some interior advantages, so and can hide many of the shortcomings of the house, and furniture, decoration, or details.

Functional areas lighting design


Functional areas lighting design

The lighting in our homes can be facilitated in different functional areas, and let us not forget how much beauty it can bring in our interior. In general, the location and type of lighting is best to plan an early stage, which is earlier than the plastering, painting the walls, or the adhesive wallpaper. If you decide to use the combined light, it would give the best effect. The truth really is that if you have only one lamp, it cannot provide the necessary light in any room.

Modern bedroom lighting

The most common lighting is what is put of your ceiling. It is however; considering in mind the fact, that if a lamp is not big enough and did not spread enough light, then it needs to be combined with a wall, table top or spot lighting. Only in this way can ensure adequate light, depending on the type of room. If we talk about basic lighting, which is that of the ceiling, the course it combines best with a tall floor lamp.

Contemporary living room lighting


Contemporary living room lighting

This is particularly true when we talk about the living room, bedroom or living room lighting. Nevertheless, when it comes to the kitchen, then we need to be a little more careful. Here is good to combine with spot lighting in dining areas and the room, where we prepare our food.

Dining room lighting


Luxury dining room lighting

Great idea, for example, has focused on lighting in the dining room because it is very functional and at the same time can be very stylish. The lighting in hallways, then lighting the ceiling can be supplemented with wall lights.

Hallway lighting design


Hallway lighting design

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