Room dividers – 25 ideas and designs to suit your taste

gorgeous room dividers designs modern apartmnet living room space divider

Nowadays open floor plan concept is quite popular and offers many advantages to homeowners. The disadvantage is that it may not offer the privacy that people need and that is why you need a creative solution to provide either the desired privacy or an efficient zoning of the space. Room dividers have been used for centuries. They make a room cozier and much better organized and optimize the space between the different areas. People have different requirement for the dividers just like every apartment interior is different. The choice of elegant solutions is very diverse and creative as you could see in the photo gallery.


Room dividers with practical value and aesthetic appeal

modern home interior room dividers decorative iron room divider living room

Room dividers are the easiest way to break up open space. They can add an aesthetic and artistic accent to your interior and keep the natural light flow. In addition, they will secure your privacy much better than conventional curtains. The divider will give you the opportunity to communicate with the family or with your guest and you will not be completely separated. Many dividers are characterized by strong visual impact and are an attractive highlight in the interior design, for example an illuminated room divider. Before buying a room divider, you need to have a clear idea what and where you want. For which living space you need the partition? Do you like creative and unusual designs, do you prefer a classic model or a modern solution that fits to a minimalist decor? What materials do you like most?

Room dividers with storage space and shelves

creative room dividers modern home furniture ideas wood open shelves

Room dividers can be used to save space. Bookshelves as room dividers with separate compartments or open shelves prove to be not only practical, but also a visual highlight. Shelf systems offer space for books and folders and provide space to display your favorite art pieces. They are also multi-functional and modular solutions that can be put together in interesting combinations to create decorative accents in the home. Depending on the color that you choose for your room divider, it can be a highlight or a subtle addition. Modern room dividers add dynamics into the room. You have many opportunities to use the room dividers and organize cozy and intimate sitting areas. Whether your divider would be built in screen panels, or you’d prefer hanging room dividers, curtain room divider ideas – the variety in designs is so wide, that you will definitely find the right one for you.


room dividers frosted glass floral pattern kitchen dining room devider

 Sliding glass room divider screens

Sliding room dividers Asian style living room interior paintings fireplace

 Decorative screens divide the living space

room divider ideas designs modern home interior glass metal

Hanging room divider idea

Modern bedroom hanging room dividers white screens

Beautiful screens as a decoration for the dining room

Asian screens dining room divider contemporary apartment design

Symmetrical dividers separate living room and dining room

Living dining area room dividers metal wood blocks carved

room divider ideas living room bamboo rods boulders nature decor

sliding glass kitchen living room space divider room divider ideas

room divider ideas designs wood open shelves art display contemporary home

room dividers ideas cubic shelves natural light living room bedroom space divider

room dividers design ideas living room dividers ornate panels

room devider ideas vintage screen wood dining room living room space divider

modern room dividers white open shelves contemporary kitchen ideas

modern bedroom furniture ideas room dividers ideas glass wood

Living room divider decorative wrought iron panels fireplace painting

hanging room dividers modern apartment rustic elements ceiling beams

hanging room divider minimalist living room interior design

decorative privacy protection room dividers bedroom space dividing

creative original room dividers ideas modern home interior design ideas

Contemporary dining room space dividers glass screens

Contemporary bathroom design decorative room divider glass divider

beautiful room divider ornate home decorating ideas living room design


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