Light color architecture by Light Architecture Norm Architects


Denmark-based company Norm Architects made an inspiring light color architecture design for the Fredensborg House situated on a sloping property north of Copenhagen. It is a contemporary slope house built on five small plateaus connected by steps, reflecting the shape of its surrounding terrain. The house aesthetic is derived from the labyrinthine mountain village architecture with many yellow tile roofs that rhythmically overlaps each other which gives an impression of resonating the movements of the slopes.  The roofs color palette consists of four different yellow and brownish tones in a mix, to achieve a natural imperfection, which gives a seemingly harmonious and charming miniature scene like that of a traditional Southern European mountain village.

Light color architecture and interior design


The home’s highest point is the main entrance, leading down into three plateaus housing the living room, master bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining area and bathroom. All of them enjoy an open-concept idea while maintaining a sense of privacy as the different areas of the house are divided by volumes of brick which also serve as room dividers. The spacious staircase is inspired by the main pedestrian street in small villages and serves as a natural gathering place in the house. The entire facade of the garden is made of glass and there is one wide central window corresponding the exact length of the huge custom made Corian dining table. Light color architecture and minimalist interiors feature a palette of white and neutrals, light-colored wood floors and exposed brick walls while glass walls and sliding glass doors fill the space with natural light.

Light color architecture, interior design and furnishings


The house is structured around 2 axes, the central staircase going from north to south and the axes on the middle plateau from the kitchen to the east to the living room towards the west. The kitchen is a part of the open plan and features an oven, ventilation, fridge and storage as an integrated part of the architecture.


Light colors architecture


Dining room furnishing


Light architecture


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