Engineered flooring – the alternative to hardwood floors

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People often mistake engineered wood flooring with laminate wood flooring. Well, what exactly is engineered flooring? Engineered wood flooring is manufactured by adhering layers of plastic laminate veneer with real wood while laminate does not contain any real wood.

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Engineered flooring vs traditional solid wood flooring engineered wood profile

Engineered wood floors are the closest to natural hardwood floors but easier to install. Unlike laminate, engineered wood can be sanded, finished and re-finished. Engineered wood flooring offers a number of advantages which you will see listed below.


Is engineered flooring a good choice – the pros of engineered wood floors


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Although engineered flooring looks like hardwood flooring it is not really the same. One of the major advantages of engineered hardwood flooring is the lower price. It is the cost effective alternative to solid wood floors and you get a fabulous appearance at a lower cost.

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Another great advantage is the easy installation as engineered wood flooring is designed to be easily installed even by inexperienced DIY project fans. Engineered wood is sold in tiles in a variety of sizes and you can make a considerable saving on time and money on installation. Engineered wood flooring is quite durable and stable. It is resistant to moisture and temperature changes do not cause t shrinking or expanding.

Cons of engineered flooring


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One of the negatives of engineered flooring is the fact that it is prone to dents and grooves and can twist or warp.

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Engineered wood flooring can be sanded and refinished, but you have to be careful as frequent sanding will wear off the top layer.

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As engineered wood consists of multiple levels of adhesive some people may duffer allergies and lung problems.

engineered wood flooring pros and cons wood flooring ideas

By saying that, you should know that there is no such thing as “a perfect flooring”. If you want the look of real hardwood, engineered floors are an excellent way to achieve that without the high cost of real wood.


what is engineered flooring home flooring ideas wood flooring

A beautiful flooring in the living room

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Modern living room with wood flooring and wall cladding

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Wood adds warmth to the interior

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Stylish kitchen design with black cabinets

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