Modern interior decoration – Pirate theme CT Scanner

creative modern interior decoration scanner room

This modern interior decoration idea has a very special purpose. This is pirate theme décor for a CT Scanner room at the Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York. Its idea is to make the scanner room look less scary to the children. The CT scanner ordinary, pale look is replaced by a creative rudder of a pirate ship. The scanning machine that is used to take up of internal scans of internal injuries, that can’t be caught on a regular x-ray can look a little bit scary on its own, but with this decoration it is even fun to go down the tunnel. This way the children are relaxed and it’s much easier for the doctors to their actual job without having to sooth the child before the scan.

Creative modern interior decoration of a CT Scanner room

pirate ct scanner modern interior decoration

Modern interior decoration makes the atmosphere much more welcoming. Here, the designers have created a lovely Pirate theme for a scanner room, to jazz things up a bit, and make the atmosphere less scary for kids, but the idea can be interpreted in many different ways for apartments, studios, other hospitals, or even the law office. The solutions are practically endless. Now let’s take a closer look at this fantastic Pirate theme scanner room and its features.

Pirates inspired theme scanner room decor

monkey pirate decoration scanner room less scary

This modern interior decoration room includes a pirate ship (the scanning machine, which is designed to produce only small quantities of radiation on the patient). Of course, although it is a Pirate theme, the room is designed to be more magical and exciting rather than a scary pirate ghost ship. You can see how the pirate itself is portrait as smiling animal. The atmosphere makes you feel calm and soothed rather than frustrating and overwhelming.

A funky pirates room decor for a more soothing atmosphere

modern interior design scanner decor

Giant monkey pirate

modern interior decoration scanner room

Lovely pirates ship decor

ct scanner room decorated

More welcoming environment

pirate theme scanner room


tiger pirate wall decoration

Welcome to the enchanting pirate tale 

pirate theme scanner room new york

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