Modern apartment design – Ganna Studio in Taipei, Taiwan

stylish chic modern apartment design


This unique concept of a modern apartment design is located in Taipei’s downtown area on the first floor a 40-year old apartment building. It actually suits as a modern interior design Studio – Ganna Studio and a cozy apartment with homely atmosphere – a shelter for the two talented designers.

 Gorgeous modern, apartment design in Taipei features European classic elements

beautiful modern creative design solution

Although they have incorporated modern, European, classic design features, the interior of this modern apartment design can still be portrayed as a tribute to the history of original Taipei, when it was military dependent village. The elements that reminiscent the preservation of that historic time are primarily incorporated in the construction of the building. The artistic design and colorful accents only complement the architecture and interior layout of the apartment.

The apartment suits both as a designers’ studio and a home 


creative colorful interior modern apartment design

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modern interior furnishing design idea

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