Spectacularly Different Modern Stair Designs

Posted on 06/08/2012 Author: . Under: Interior Design

Spectacularly Different Modern Stair Designs


Isn’t it strange how for years and years a simple functional structure remains largely the same?  Stairs are stairs; fair enough we all know what they are, what they are for and what they look like. But wait, something new is happening to modern stair designs.  Suddenly they are becoming the focus for a ‘rethink’ and the most excitingly stunning new staircase structures are emerging.  So maybe one way to revamp your home would be to make an unusual and  pectacular feature of your stairway.

Customized Modern Stair Designs Create a Unique Impact.


This gallery of uniquely individual stair designs caters for a wide variety of tastes and living situations.  The thing they all have in common is that each one is eye catching and different. This is not a contradiction in terms, these modern stair designs are not for mass production market.  They are things of beauty and each one is created by a specialist designer.

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