Spectacularly Different Modern Stair Designs


Isn’t it strange how for years and years a simple functional structure remains largely the same?  Stairs are stairs; fair enough we all know what they are, what they are for and what they look like. But wait, something new is happening to modern stair designs.  Suddenly they are becoming the focus for a ‘rethink’ and the most excitingly stunning new staircase structures are emerging.  So maybe one way to revamp your home would be to make an unusual and  pectacular feature of your stairway.

Customized Modern Stair Designs Create a Unique Impact.


This gallery of uniquely individual stair designs caters for a wide variety of tastes and living situations.  The thing they all have in common is that each one is eye catching and different. This is not a contradiction in terms, these modern stair designs are not for mass production market.  They are things of beauty and each one is created by a specialist designer.

White beautiful staircase design


Special wooden  staircase design


Sculptural and flowing open staircases unite function and form seamlessly installing a powerful formal statement at the heart of the house.  No other embellishment is necessary these staircases are best appreciated in isolation.  The traditional spiral staircase has been further enhanced by a continuation of it natural twists and turns, making the stairwell seen infinitely deep.  This echoes the perfect form of the Nautilus shell, which incidentally, is also associated with the mystical proportions of the Golden Section. Perhaps one of the simplest ideas shown here is also the most effective.  Using a sequence of overlapping circular stones makes the most powerful architectural statement when used between terraces in a garden.

 Amazing ribbon staircase


Floating black stairs design


Very personalized and somewhat quirky, more traditional modern stair designs have been enhanced to reflect the passions of their owners. For example, the flowing curved piano keyboard design or the steps built up and painted to look like giant books – How novel!

Books staircase design


Modern Stair Designs May Conceal a Practical Secret


Some of the stair designs illustrated have been chosen for their dual purpose functions.  If you are short on storage space, and let’s face it, who isn’t at some time or another?  Then concealed cupboards, shelving and chests hidden within the stairs themselves would potentially add masses of valuable space to help to ‘declutter’ your home.  The beauty of these designs is that your possessions are also very easily accessible when they are wanted.  So modern stair designs could transform your home in more ways than one

by Jaz

Glamorous mirror mosaic staircases


Wooden staircase – great storage idea


Multifunctional staircase with bookshelves


     Elegant transparent staircase


Spiral stairs for fairytale look


Modern wooden stairs by Marretti

modern-wodoen-stairs- Marretti

Beautiful staircase lighting idea


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