Renting a dream modern design suite in Barcelona


El Palauet Living is a set of spacious modern design suites for rent situated in Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. They are sheltered in an old modernistic building dating back from 1906 and in their appearance they represent a unique combination of clean modern design and classic design.

The interesting mixture of styles and the exquisite detail level these apartments have to offer makes them a perfect place for one to spend their vacation in Barcelona.

Modern design suite in Barcelona


The modern design suite set includes six luxurious apartments with a 150 m² area each, providing space for up to four guests. They all offer beautiful views to the city and to the Tibidabo Mountain and also a number of special design and performance features to maintain a level of luxury and make the stay more pleasant. Each apartment has a large living room with a dining area, a kitchen, a working area, a bathroom, a closet and a terrace. There is also a modern technological equipment in each modern design suite integrated into the design as a state of art. The special technology allows controlling the air-conditioning, lighting and multimedia system through touch screen controls.

Relaxing atmosphere in modern design suite


But among all those features something else grabs the attention first – its the modern design suite‘s authentic feel of the atmosphere. With carefully restored doors and stained windows and amazing ceilings from 45 different periods one feels like he has traveled back in time into an old romantic place. The linen textured floors and minimalist furniture sets express the contemporary part of the modern design suite. Its color palette is kept bright and neutral in order to make a flawless transition between styles. The spaces in the apartments feel large and open to each other and to the outdoor scenery.

Beautiful baroque elements – El Palauet Living in Barcelona


Latest technological features and a most pleasant relaxing atmosphere amid old times and new – El Palauet Living suites have it all to make your stay in Barcelona one to remember.

by K.H.Hristova

      El Palauet Living luxurious apartments in Barcelona




Luxury white interior




Massage room in modern design suite


 Roof terrace


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