Laight Loft – A Classy New York Apartment

Design by Inc Architecture and Design


Inc Architecture and Design have created something extraordinary. This amazing apartment is located in New York City, USA and was completed in 2006.

It is 4,000 sq.feet of design perfection.The New York apartment is named Laight Loft – definitely the best name for it.  Can you guess what the cost of the construction is?  This work of art costs 2,200 000 USD. It was designed especially for a gentleman from Europe, who residents there only in the fall.

This New York apartment is an interactive place, which can be a wonderful workplace, with a private suite. It has also a great entertainment area. The house has also two guest bedrooms a huge living area and an office.

New York apartment with modern interior



This New York apartment is an innovative architectural experiment. It provokes experts to take architecture and design to a whole new level. From one perspective this place can be seen as a perfect architectural defining of space and from another perspective- as a structure made of separate distinct objects. The collision between these two concepts allows you to go on a tour around and admire the different areas in this amazing apartment. Every space and corner is an “effet de la surpise” type of moment, in a good way, of course.

New York Apartment with exklusive antique art collection


This is all thanks to the extraordinary world antique collection, the fabulous, top quality furniture which includes superb materials and fabrics of amazing color – limestone, white marble, mahogany, bronze and gold. Among all the assets, this wonderful New York Apartment includes an epic view of the city. The living area is natural sun soaked, allowing the light to complement on the gorgeousness of the black drop furniture and the rich color palette on the interior design elements. This 4000 sq. foot wonder is the definition of innovative, architectural thought in an artistic notion. It is aplomb of the ability and freedom to create reality in style.

Modern colorful cabinet design


Exklusive Loft Interior


Luxury kitchen design


Gold decoration in the bedroom


Luxury bathroom design


Golden bathroom walls


Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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