Grand and Romantic Interior Design Ideas

By Muhammad Taher of Saudi Arabia


Muhammad Taher certainly knows no boundaries when it comes to creating deliciously luxurious interior design ideas.  The images shown here are shamelessly opulent and hark back to historical times and a grandeur that only a few could aspire to.  Positively palatial, each example shown here glitters with exotic features and is dripping with symbols of wealth and prosperity.

Luxurious interior design ideas with baroque elements


Romantic elegant and sumptuous with no expense spared.  These fabulous interiors and exterior spaces display interior design ideas that look like expensive movie sets and are certainly not designed for the ‘down at heel’.

Amazing interior design ideas by Muhammad Taher


However, maybe you do not have to be a multi millionaire to adopt some of these glorious interior design ideas and adapt them to suit your own home decor.  Good taste and establishing the right type and combination of design components can enable you to enjoy a similarly grand environment on amore modest budget.

Royal wing back chairs


All the interior design ideas illustrated share distinctive characteristics. Interior spaces have been decorated in very pale neutral colors to establish a serene sophisticated setting.  Each calming and tasteful background is then adorned with an array of lavish features.  Equally pale flowing fabrics may be draped gracefully over windows and archways.  Highly decorative chandeliers are a popular feature as are items of lavish furniture whose sinuous lines are based on ornate antique styles, possibly Rococo in influence.  Gold frames, candelabras and beautiful traditional artworks all fit into this type of decorative interior design idea.  Patterned flooring seems to be another key feature in many of Taher’s interior designs, this may be achieved through using tiles, mosaic, or carpets.

Great reading corner – White leather sofa with ottoman


White living room and fall bouquet


Even this designer knows where to draw the line.  It would be easy to turn this style of interior from tasteful to tasteless by including too much decoration.  So keeping the balance right by introducing some simpler plainer forms such as planters and pendant lamps is vitally important to achieve this type of elegant interior design idea.

Finally the fresh vibrancy of exotic plants seems to be a constant in all these examples.  So don’t forget the ‘greenery’ in your own luxurious interior design idea.

by Jaz

   Magnificent exterior design and fairytale archway


White gazebo romantic design idea





Tuscan villa Circular by Muhammad Taher



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