Elegant Period home with a Contemporary Interior Refurbishment

Kensigton Penthouse Apartment by Staffan Tillgard Design Group of London, UK


 This superbly styled Kensington penthouse is located in one of the most exclusive residential areas in London.  The luxurious apartment dates from the 19th century and benefits form fabulous views over Hyde Park.  The London-based studio, Staffan Tillgard Design Group, specialize in the sympathetic contemporary interior refurbishment of period buildings.  This elegant urban home has been stylishly updated while still retaining its unique Victorian character.  This article will particularly appeal to anyone who has an interest in modernizing historic architecture without losing its unique character.

Wood and Warm Colors Bring this Contemporary Interior Refurbishment to Life



The basis for this tasteful contemporary interior refurbishment is predominantly white.  This adds light and spaciousness to the main living areas.  However, warm orange accent colors and rich timber features add a welcoming atmosphere to the bold, modern interior design scheme.  Traditional and contemporary elements are fused together by the repeated use of white in conjunction with the strong color accents and rich wooden elements. To create a dramatic contrast specific rooms, particularly more private areas such as the bathrooms and bedrooms, invert the design scheme with wall surfaces being created in dark elegant stone or timber veneers.  Although this is a very modern interior it still retains a classical quality due to the incorporation of the enduringly popular stone and wood materials.  The fusion of contemporary and traditional is also successfully achieved in the furnishings and fitments, with wing backed antique style chairs living comfortably alongside simpler more modern sofas and minimalist architectural elements such as the fireplace.  Again the use of white is the uniting factor with orange cushions picking up the highlight colors.

Fine Art adds Originality to this Contemporary Interior Refurbishment



Staffan Tillgard has placed an emphasis on Fine Art in this sophisticated penthouse. This ensures that the Kensington apartment’s refurbishment has it has its own unique character.  To maximize their impact sculpture and paintings are displayed with plenty of space around them.  Each piece is exhibited in isolation so it may be appreciated without distractions.  The serene ambience of this apartment is one of a refined good taste and an understanding of the timeless quality of what we term ‘modernity’.  This contemporary interior refurbishment by Staffan Tillgard Design Group of course reflects directly on the people who live here and suggests they are educated with a cultured appreciation of the finer things in life.

by Jaz

Marble dark grey bathroom


Luxury bedroom design – apartment interior


Luxury wooden wall panels in apartment in London


Great wall decoration for the living room


Contemporary apartment interior – staircase


Crystal pendant lighting over the dining table


Modern living room – penthouse refurbishment in London


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