Cork and cork flooring ideas – the many advantages of the material

Living room cork floor tiles attractive stylish modern natural material

We shall take a close look on cork and offer you some cork flooring ideas and take the advantages and disadvantages of the flooring under the microscope. Cork is a very resistant material, which is produced from the bark of the cork oak. The evergreen deciduous tree has existed for over 30 million years and can reach a height of over 20 meters. It is particularly common in southern Europe and North Africa – Portugal and Spain are the two largest exporting countries, the bark can be removed without damaging the tree – therefore cork is considered as an environmentally friendly alternative to the usual wood flooring.


Cork flooring with an appealing appearance

Kitchen cork flooring tiles decorative pattern

Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor materials. It is environmentally friendly and cork is considered a renewable and sustainable natural resource. The main characteristics of cork flooring tiles are light weight, rot resistant, fire resistant, noise reduction, impermeable and soft. Cork is naturally beautiful and comes in many colors. It can be found on the market in a variety of tile shapes and patterns.

 Cork flooring ideas – pros and cons

Cork flooring in bathroom design dust resistant modern design

Pros cork flooring offers many benefits – thanks to its good insulation properties, the current cost is significantly reduced. The material also has an excellent insulation – and is therefore a popular choice for families with small children or for home owners. Cork also has a dust repellent surface and needs no special care – so perfect for the bathroom or kids room if kids had asthma.

Cons – the cork can be fairly easy to install, but you should definitely have a degree of craftsmanship. This is mainly because that the material can stretch slightly over time. Thus, the floor should not bulge the cork and the so-called expansion joints should be laid at a certain distance from each other.


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 Cork floor tiles have different colors

pros and cons of cork flooring cork floor tiles dark color

 Cork flooring is perfect for modern homes

pros and cons cork flooring home flooring ideas

 Elegant dining room with cork flooring

dining room cork flooring contemporary home interior

Cork is suitable for kids rooms

Cork flooring nursery flooring ideas rocking chair baby crib

The qualities of cork make it ideal for bathrooms

cork flooring in bathroom ideas contemporary bathroom design

Beautiful pattern of the cork tiles

Cork flooring modern living room cork floor tiles attractive grain

Dark cork floor tiles in a modern white kitchen

Kitchen backpsplash cork flooring cork dark color

Home gym with cork flooring

Home gym cork floor tiles cork advantages

Contemporary kitchen design features cork floor tiles

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modern living room cork flooring ideas

Living room design cork floor tiles dark color

Living room cork floor design sofa shaggy rug

Cork floor kitchen wooden countertop modern dark brown color

Cork flooring ideas living room natural grain design

Cork flooring hallway modern home interior design

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Contemporary living room beautiful cork flooring tiles

Bedroom flooring modern cork floor tiles bright color

Bedroom design cork floor tiles modern design stone wall

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