Colours that are trending in homeware

Colours that are trending in homeware

This year fashion in colours that are trending in homeware has been all about those gorgeous soft pastel shades such as mint green and baby blue.

However, on the complete opposite side of the colour intensity spectrum, bold and bright shades such as cobalt blue and bold reds and purples have also been very popular on the catwalk and our high streets this year. Interestingly, the latest trends in fashion tend to feed into the colours and style of homeware and vice versa.

Colours that are trending in homeware if you opt for home renovation

Redecorating your home is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all of those lacking colours and bring some more uplifting shades into your home. Prints have always been popular. Whether it’s an Aztec print dress, or a printed duvet cover, these styles never seem to go out of fashion, which is why so many people opt to have them in their homes as well as in their wardrobes.

Interestingly, a new trend that has been fleeting around is the ‘dark and mysterious look’. It seems that plain white walls are a thing of the past as people are going for darker shades like grey which really compliments all of those popular metallic accessories that are very ‘in’ right now.

Colours that are trending in homeware in pastel shades

In keeping with the current pastel shade trend, harmonise your colours by opting for a seaside look. This means having subtle turquoise shades, maybe for the walls with matching lampshades or even bring the sandy beach look further, with a gorgeous sandy toned rug to finish the overall appeal. The seaside look is great for the living area as it is a place of gathering and who doesn’t love to relax on a glorious beach?

If you want to liven up a room don’t forget to decorate appropriately. Artwork never goes out of fashion and it’s all about creativity this year. Express yourself and your individuality with your choice of art. You can do this easily by creating a feature wall in your bedroom with some really nice art work/canvas work. Make it completely unique by choosing your own design and uploading it to the Instantprint site as a poster.


Colours that are trending in homeware ideas spectrum

Posters can come in a range of sizes from small to extra-large which means that you can decorate your home exactly how you want to. If you want to go for a more vintage style then these posters would look amazing in a frame and will give your home a necessary burst of artistic creativity and originality.



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