How to choose the right ceiling tiles for our home?

decorative ceiling design ideas witn tin ceiling tile in the center

Are you planning a home renovation? Have you wondered what is a coffered ceiling? Have you thought of the importance of the ceiling as an element of your interior? Ceiling design is so often overlooked when arranging home interiors that most homeowners do not even think to ho away from “flat and white”. A great ceiling design in the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom will make your room unique and will add individuality and character. Ceiling tiles are sold in many varieties and we shall try to help you answer the important question – how to choose the right ceiling tiles and the best ceiling design for your home.

To begin with – What are ceiling tiles?

Ornated styrofoam ceiling tile design modern apartment interior

Ceiling tiles are used for decorative ceilings and are manufactured and sold in many different materials, sizes and thicknesses varying from metal, copper, styrofoam and even leather. The tiles which are made to get fastened directly to ceilings or fit into a grid system form a suspended or a drop ceiling. The most popular types of ceiling tile are cork, tin, plastic and acoustical and you will find useful information for the different types of tiles below.

Drop ceiling tiles and suspended ceiling designs

spectacular drop ceiling tiles modern apartment interior

By definition a dropped ceiling is an additional ceiling below the main (structural) ceiling. It is also called suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling and is also very popular in both public and residential interiors. Most types of ceiling tile and panels can be mounted on a grid which qualifies them as drop ceiling tiles.

 decorative drop ceiling design ideas modern ceiling tiles classic look

Modern wood coffered drop ceiling classic decorative ceilings

fantastic ceiling tile design contemporary hallway decoration ideas

Contemporary kitchen drop ceiling tile idea metal shine

contemporary kitchen decorative ceiling design ideas drop tin ceiling tile

ceiling tile panels ceilings designs home decorating ideas

Ceiling design ideas drop ceiling tiles black and white interior design

Rustic wine cellar decorative drop ceiling tilies

wood ceiling tiles recessed lights living room design idea

Basement renovation ideas suspended ceiling decorative drop ceiling tiles

Basement family room decorative ceiling suspended ceiling ideas

Basement renovation family room decorative suspended ceiling design

metal ceiling tile decorative design basement ceiling design ideas

3d drop ceiling tile modern living room ceiling design

drop ceiling tile designs variety contemporary bedroom

suspended ceiling design basement family room design

drop ceiling tiles tips and ideas

Tin ceiling tiles and how to use them in the decorative ceiling design

Rustic style home bar spectacular ceiling design metal tiles

There is no doubt that tin tiles are very beautiful. Ceiling tile made of copper, brass or steel are also called tin tiles. They add a sleek, shiny look to the room, but tin tiles can be quite expensive and require special tools to cut. Tin ceiling tiles are widely used in commercial and residential interiors.

tin ceiling tiles white kitchen granite oak hardwood floor

tin ceiling tile modern eclectic kitchen decorative ceiling

spectacular kitchen ceiling design with ornated tin ceiling tiles

Rustic style home office beautiful metal tiles decorative ceiling

modern white kitchen with decorative ceiling tin tile idea

Modern white kitchen design tin ceiling tile decoration

metal ceiling tiles in powder room

Kitchen interior with beautiful tin tiles ceiling design

bedroom ceiling design ideas tin ceiling tiles painted white


Acoustical ceiling tiles

decorative ceiling design with acoustical ceiling tiles

The great popularity of acoustical ceiling tile is mainly to the ability to reduce noise, as it has sound absorbent properties. Quality acoustic tiles are manufactured from mineral fibers or fiberglass blended with starch. Acoustical tile is largely used in music rooms or home theatres.

Awesome acoustical ceiling tile design in suspended ceiling idea

Wooden acoustical ceiling tiles recessed lighting

wood ceiling tile acoustic ceiling design ideas modern living room

Modern home theater with recessed lighting acoustic ceiling tile

modern home theater acoustic ceiling tile

acoustic ceiling tile in contemporary home theater interior

Cherrywood acoustical ceiling tile design contemporary dining room

Acoustical ceiling tiles drop ceiling idea

acoustic ceiling tile design in black music room idea

Plastic ceiling tiles offer a great choice and are widely popular as they are a cheaper option for those on a budget and offer a good insulation. There are plastic tiles designed with metal finishes which makes them look like tin tiles and they are called faux tin tiles. Plastic tiles can be found in richly ornate patterns.  Cork ceiling tiles are gaining popularity as they offer an eco-friendly choice and are very easy to install which makes them perfect for DIY fans. Beside the elegant and stylish look cork tiles have very good insulating qualities.  Ceiling tiles can be used in many creative ways as interior decoration. They can be used to decorate mirror frames, a bed headboard, a hallway wall, etc. Styrofoam tiles are the cheapest way to design a beautiful ornate ceiling. In addition, they are very easy to maintain and clean. Square or rectangular tiles made of styrofoam can be laid easily and are environmentally friendly and moreover, they are quite versatile. A great advantage is their lightweight and the endless variety of designs. You can paint them in any color to match the color scheme of your interior decor in any room and enhance the overall design. Check out more ceiling molding ideas+pictures and get inspired!

Tin ceiling tile hook vintage rustic style

tin ceiling tile painted white DIY headboard idea

ceiling tile bed headboard design idea

tin ceiling tile kitchen backsplash modern kitchen design

tin-ceiling tiles and backsplash kitchen decoration and design ideas

Kitchen design ideas copper tiles backsplash

living room wall decoration ideas left over ceiling tiles

living room ceiling design ideas suspended ceiling hidden lighting

drop ceiling tiles basement home office interior idea

decorative ceiling design corrugated metal drop ceiling tile

Bathroom design copper ceiling tiles


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