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Marazzi has been a leading Italian designer and producer of ceramic tiles since 1935 it now has an impressive chain of retail outlets across the globe.  With such a long pedigree it is not surprising that this company has gained the respect of major architects and interior designers worldwide.  This article is focusing on some of the most modern and innovative contemporary tiling systems currently shown in the Marazzi portfolio. These wonderful products transform living spaces in domestic contexts and lavish commercial interiors. Marazzi now produce tiles in a wide range of materials from traditional marbles and granite through to glittering new ranges that have been recently developed.  The remarkable versatility of the Marazzi range is shown here

The Versatility of Innovative Contemporary Tiling Systems


Looking at a selection of items from the Marazzi catalogue gives a good indication of the transforming qualities of their high quality tiling products.Firstly, something very new, exciting and original the Sistem A wall and floor covering is suitable for large interior and exterior applications. This series of architectural scale tiles has most unusual three-dimensional properties and a glittering depth of color.  In addition Sistem A is acknowledged as an ‘eco friendly’ product. This innovative contemporary tiling systems is perfect for ultra modern and minimalist interiors.  Due to its exceptional durability it works well in a commercial environment as well as in the home.

Bathrooom tiling system with subtle pearlscent glow



On a more intimate scale, and for a refreshing change in the bathroom the Nuance tiling systems collection, adds a subtle pearlescent glow to wet rooms, bathrooms or showers. These elegant glossy surfaces enhance tasteful intrinsic designs for a most refined effect.  These super tiles are available in range of tasteful colors to enable designs to be personalized.

Also for the home interior, the Planet range offers a contemporary style, which imbues living spaces with an “…intimate, lived-in feel…”.   This attractive wall and floor covering is produced in porcelain stoneware but, unusually, its surface and format is inspired by wood.  Planet is ideal for use in residential living spaces and has the added advantage that it could also be used in exterior contexts to create continuity between indoor and outdoor living zones.

Innovative Contemporary Tiling Systems for Elegant Outdoor Living




These days a definite change in modern lifestyles is to place much more emphasis on exterior living and relaxing.  With this trend comes the desire to enhance our outdoor spaces so in effect they become ‘outdoor rooms’.  To add an exclusive elegance to your patio or terrace area, try using tiling systems such as the Multiquarz by Marazzi.  These are exquisite porcelain slabs which have a gorgeous tactile quality and attractive variations in tone and subtle color.  The textured surface of these slabs makes them ideal for exterior use. To allow for an infinite range of compositions and patterns these tiles are available in three color variations and a flexible range of alternative sizes and shapes. As well as floor covering the Multiquarz could be adopted as a fabulous and luxurious wall covering.

 Modern twist – living room tiles by Marazzi



If a welcoming wood effect is more to your taste how about using something like the Treverk Outdoor tiling systems range?  This is a new ‘ceramic wood’ that conveys the warmth of timber even outdoors. This flooring has a tough porcelain covering and important anti-slip and frost-resistance properties.

These descriptions relate to just a small selection of the innovative contemporary tiling systems produced by this renowned Italian company – Marazzi.  But as the old saying goes “Every picture is worth a thousand words” so enjoy browsing through the rest of these inspirational illustrations.

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Light pink luxury italian bathroom tiles


Yellow wall tiling system


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