Be Bold with Purple Interior Ideas


For an ‘up to the minute’ modern look, designers are introducing purple into home interior decoration schemes.  Throughout the house purple interior ideas will sparkle like richly glittering gems.  There is no room in a house that isn’t suitable for a purple makeover.  One of the key ‘berry’ accents fashionable in 2012, purple is once again enhancing excitingly different home interior ideas.

Purple interior ideas – exciting living room design



Throughout the years purple interior  ideas have come in and gone out of fashion.  Each of one of the wide range of purple hues available is mood enhancing and will create a powerful visual statement in the home.  Whole purple rooms are the most extreme and dramatic scenario.  Alternatively, introducing purple, as an accent color can achieve gorgeous results.

Purple interior ideas for cozy bedroom


In a dining room a purple interior design idea will create a pleasingly intimate atmosphere for entertaining guests.  In the bathroom purple will transform bath time into a luxurious indulgent experience.  The purple bedroom becomes a place of mystery where the imagination can run free.  Even a tired kitchen decorative scheme will be brought back to life with an injection of purple on feature walls or accessories.

Purple furniture for sophisticated look


Purple furniture, lampshades, rugs and other decorative accessories will introduce a vibrant accent into you room if you want to partially embrace a purple interior idea.  These will look fantastic within a surprisingly wide range of color schemes. For example, lime greens will zing into action against purple accents.  Introduce small touches of a burgundy or lilac color into a white interior for a subtle artistic impact, maybe just a bunch of flowers and a single lampshade for a tasteful balance.  Purple in a red interior is sumptuous and exotic.  Purple in a grey interior sings out against the neutral background.

Purple interior design for striking impact



Importantly, in reverse these colors used as accents within a purple design idea will also achieve striking harmonies and contrasts.  The list of fabulous combinations goes on, be bold and experiment to achieve the right balance in your purple interior idea.

By Jaz

Modern purple living room design with leather sofa


Classical design – purple living room


Purple decoration – dining room with mdoern chairs


Modern purple walls in the living room


Purple dining room lighting


Modern purple kitchen design


Purple modern shower with striking design


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