A must-see: Transforming a chapel into a modern design apartment by Zecc


A Dutch studio called Zecc takes up the unusual challenge to turn an abandoned chapel in the Netherlandsinto a modern design apartment.

The Catholic church inUtrecht used to be a part of a housing complex providing shelter for monks in the XX century and was later divided into separate apartments. One of these new apartments became Zecc studio’s project and got a complete make-over.

Modern design apartment in Utrecht

modern apartment design


The new modern design apartment represents the original single open plan space that combines all the functions of a standard home. The only additions to the structure are a new Mondriaan-like window placed behind the altar and an extension of the balcony that holds the original organ. The new balcony acts like an organizing element defying the separate spaces in the modern design apartment. A modern black and white staircase leads to the living area on top of the balcony while all the other rooms are placed on the lower level. The high arched ceiling creates a strong sense of spaciousness and implies the special holy nature of the building.

Original idea – modern design apartment

exciting design idea - modern apartment

The modern design apartment represents clean contemporary style but preserves the basic sense of the environment. The designers keep some of the original elements of the building like the organ, the stained glass windows and the altar’s arc ornamentation. Those features are integrated into the design and used as accents in the interior space. To make them stand out the entire modern design apartment is painted white and kept as clean as possible. On this bright neutral background the stained glass windows act like wall decorations that also project their beautiful colors on the smooth surfaces. More windows are placed on the roof for more daylight so the place gets its fair share of daylight as well.

by K.H.Hristova

church turned into apartment

the old church

the new apartment design

…and the new apartment design

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