Temporary wallpaper – a quick and easy way to decorate your home

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What is a temporary wallpaper? How does it differ from traditional wallpapers and why it is so high in demand? We shall give you the answers and will show you how you can change the appearance of your home in an effortless, cost effective and time saving way.

What is a temporary wallpaper?

Wallpapers ideas removable wallpapers home renovation ideas

A temporary wallpaper is a removable wallpaper which is self-adhesive and does not require paste or water. These wallpapers are easily hung or removed without leaving glue traces. Temporary wallpapers are the perfect choice if you live in a rented apartment and you want to refresh the interior. You can add your personal touch to the home without much expense.

Types of temporary wallpaper

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Temporary wallpapers come in a few different types. The basic and most popular ones are the peel and stick tiles, fabric wallpapers and the temporary type which strongly resembles the regular wallpapers. The temporary one has a coat of adhesive which is similar to the one on the Post it notes. Many designs come in bold geometric patterns which are perfect to hide imperfections like air bubbles. If you wanted an accent wall – this type of wallpapers is the ideal choice as it will take you just a few hours. Whether you wanted to change the ambience in the living room, bedroom or the kitchen, the wallpapers will give you the opportunity to customize the room and add a stylish accent. These are also a great idea for children’s bedrooms or playrooms, as the replacement is as easy as installation.

How to apply temporary wallpapers?

self adhesive wallpapers accent wall ideas living room decor

When you want to use temporary wallpapers you need to prepare the walls by wiping them with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt or any other remnants. Measure and cut the wallpapers, just like you would do with regular ones. To stick the wallpaper you need to peel the backing and press down.

 what is temporary wallpaper home interior ideas

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