Small apartment design by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten

Living room design - bookshelves

The Wall-All apartment is located in Queens, New York, USA. It is designed by architecture studio Haiko Cornelissen Architecten that has offices in New York and Amsterdam. The small apartment design represents maximum function achieved into a minimalist environment. The concept of the project is to compress the spaces that are used less and make room for the ones that are used most often. That is possible by gathering those least used spaces into the apartment walls.

Small apartment wall decoration idea – Large bookshelves

Small apartment interior design Bookshelves as wall decoration

The Wall-All apartment consists of three separate rooms: an open plan living area and two bedrooms. Thanks to the innovative small apartment design more living area is available in the rooms. With the compression of the kitchen, cabinet and library functions the architects manage to double the size of the living room. The cabinet is hidden into one wall reachable through a sliding door while the books are distributed on shelves attached to another wall. The kitchen is small and very compact with lots of hidden cabinets for storage that keep the space neat and orderly when closed. The bedrooms and common bathroom also have compressed parts following the concept of the small apartment design. A lot of storage space hidden in the walls leaves the rooms more spacious and enhances their clean minimalist look.

Small apartment interior design

The neat contemporary look of the spaces is made more convincing by selecting the proper color palette. The small apartment design is an environment of neutral colors. The living room has white ceiling and walls with black elements and black flooring. The dining table with grass covered top and the multicolored books in the library add some variety to the space.

Kitchen and dining table modern sustainable design

The bedrooms and bathroom are cleaner in their design with mostly white surfaces. The flooring in the bedrooms is also black to bring contrast to the spaces and the bathroom is all designed in bright colors with tiling and some metal surfaces. The overall look of the small apartment design is of a modern neat place that offers enough space for daily needs and plenty of comfort despite its size.

By K.H.Hristova

 Small apartment interior design by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten in white

Kitchen design in small apartment The kitchen design

Small kitchen design Bedroom design - white and clean look

The bathroom design Small apartment design plans


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