Overdyed rugs – add an eye catching color pop in the interior

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Overdyed rugs can be a real eye catcher in the interior. How to use them overdyed vintage rugs to add a color accent and enhance the design concept of the home? You can use them in Shabby chic, Industrial, rustic or modern style which makes them versatile. If you wanted a sleek appearance, a unique feature in the décor of the room – an overdyed rug is definitely such an asset.


Overdyed rugs – vintage rugs with history for every room


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Overdyed rugs can be used in any room – living room, dining room, bedroom and you can find vintage and antique rugs or new rugs with a vintage appearance. Overdyed patchwork rugs are another option which is especially popular for the unique look as they are made of parts of vintage rugs that have been dyed and combined into a rug. Before going on further, let’s answer the most important question – what is an overdyed rug? An overdyed rug is typically a vintage or antique rug, which are handwoven and quite precious. They may have been in the family for generations and with time the color fades and the carpet loses its unique vibrant look. The technique of overdying includes several steps – bleaching, dyeing and washing – and the rug gets a new color yet you can still see the original pattern.


What is important to know about overdyed rugs?


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Many people are attracted to the unique charm of overdyed rugs and it not a surprise, really, as you will see in the gallery below how beautiful they look in many interior styles. However before buying on overdyed rug, you need to know how they are made, what dyes are used, how to recognize a high quality overdyed rug, what are the usual colors that are used for ovedying rugs, etc.

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When thinking of an overdyed rug, you need to know that not every rug can be overdyed. Usually, handwoven vintage wool rugs are being overdyed, including Persian rugs and Turkish rugs. Those are hand knotted and the carpet is very durable. Basically hand knotted rugs are the only type of rugs that can bear the process of overdying.


What dyes are used for overdying antique rugs?


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Overdyed rugs are available in many colors but the ones dyed with natural dyes are much more valuable and sought after. Chemical compounds may give a much more vibrant color, but for true connoisseurs of quality rugs know that natural dyes are limited in color options as they are derived from plants.


How overdyed rugs are made?

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He process of overdying a rug begins with a thorough cleaning of the rug with a detergent to remove dirt, dust and residue. After that the rug is soaked in warm water and components that remove the original colors of the carpet but preserves the original pattern. After that the rug is dyed with the new color. If you want a beautiful and unique carpet, make sure it has been dyed with natural dyes. Finally, the carpet is washed to remove excess dye.


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