Modern interior design and industrial decor ideas

how to decorate in industrial style modern home interior design ideas

For many people the concept of industrial decor does not sound familiar or does not look appealing. They find it unusual, rough and maybe strange. However, industrial interiors are seen more and more often in contemporary design. It is especially attractive to young and creative people. The style is mostly used in loft apartments and allows unique design solutions.

 Industrial decor in contemporary homes

industrial decor modern home interior ideas leather lounge chair

We will give a quick review of the elements and basic features of industrial decor as they are used widely in modern home design. Industrial style is often described as “unfinished” as it uses raw materials and very rough surfaces which are ideal for mens bedroom ideas. It showcases everything related to industry and manufacturing and strongly reminds of old warehouse or factory. The materials that are mostly preferred are steel, concrete, metal and wood. One of the main features of the industrial style is the exposure of materials. For example, if you have a brick wall, you can show it by painting the bricks in a neutral color. Just one wall in industrial style will make the decor of the room more natural, without losing the feeling of comfort.

Basic elements of industrial decor in home interior

industrial decor ideas brick wall concrete ceiling gray sofa

The most important thing in the industrial style is to understand that you do not have to do too much to achieve it. You may simply add some details to achieve the appearance of industrial decor. You can change the windows with ones made of pipes, for example, it would be a very creative and effective industrial addition. Concrete is a popular choice for industrial interiors. Although it seems cold, it can be very attractive if you combine it with colored textures, mats or cushions. Dark shades of furniture can create a modern industrial style interior. Black and gray furniture and decorative elements work very well. Distressed wood, leather, cabinets on wheels, machine parts for accents, old lanterns – all these are suitable materials, furniture and accessories.


modern loft apartment industrial decor ceiling beams brick wall

Industrial style is considered as the most honest, open and straight forward. It doesn’t hide anything, but reveals and shows all that is hidden – wiring, pipes, fittings and beams. Let’s summarize the key elements of industrial design:

  • concrete in all its forms – the walls, floor, ceiling;
  • metal furniture and construction: beams, columns, railings, fittings;
  • Exposed bricks;
  • untreated wood;
  • open space;
  • lighting-simple lamps, spotlights, streetlights.



 Industrial style is popular for loft interiors

loft interior design industrial style decor concrete floor brick walls

 Exposed bricks as a decorative element

industrial style interior design brick wall exposed pipes

Contemporary design in industrial style

industrial style loft windows beams wood floor

 Distressed or recycled wood are widely used in industrial interiors

Industrial decor ideas wood wall metal stool home accessories

Chalkboard paint on the walls

industrial style kitchen design ideas chalkboard paint metal island

 Vintage and industrial styles work very well together

industrial style kitchen design ideas brick wall metal pendant lamps

   Modern kitchen design in industrial style

industrial style home kitchen steel kitcen island open shelves

industrial style decor ideas open shelves pendant

industrial loft interior design old suitcases metal pendant lamps

industrial decor white brick wall floating wooden shelf white round ottoman

industrial decor ideas home accessories contemporary interior design

industrial decor ideas gray wall color contemporary home ideas

industrial decor ideas distressed wood table kitchen dining room design

industrial decorating design ideas loft apartment decor brick wall

contemporary home industrial style ideas wooden flooring design plan

contemporary home industrial decor brick wall pendant lamps



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