The shades of bamboo flooring add an exotic touch to the home

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One of the most popular and well-known exotic types of flooring is the one made of bamboo wood. It remains as modern and popular as decades ago, at the same time, the bamboo flooring is a fast, convenient and affordable solution for those looking for an unusual look and an exotic touch to their interior. The main advantages of bamboo flooring are the interesting patterns and its unique appearance.

 Bamboo flooring in a rich palette of color combinations

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Bright yellow and brown – these are the two colors in which the bamboo flooring can be found most often. There are other options for the wood finish that offer a rich palette of color combinations in the interior. You can find it in white, coffee, honey, mahogany and in other color shades. The variety of colors allows unusual and unconventional solutions for flooring with an exotic flair.

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Another feature of this type of flooring is their method of production, which also determines the structure of the bamboo parquet. Two main types can be distinguished – the more common type is the natural bamboo flooring, and the other type is the so-called carbonized bamboo floor. It has some very good qualities. First, it is harder and stronger, heavier and dense which makes it a reliable and sustainable flooring. And sustainability is an important advantage of each type of parquet.

Bamboo flooring for every room in the house

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We have already mentioned that the bamboo flooring has a special exotic appeal. If you opt for this kind of flooring in your home, then you also need to plan well the whole room design and think through about appropriate placement of furniture. Installing bamboo parquet flooring is similar to that of a laminate floor. The bamboo boards are glued to the floor surface. Currently, high-quality adhesives are used, so you do not have to wait for days until the smell is gone from the room. The market offers a wide variety of bamboo slats for bamboo flooring, so you can easily choose something suitable for your home according to your taste. A bamboo parquet floor gives every home a warm atmosphere, ensures a healthy environment, it is easy to maintain and can be easily blended in the interior design.


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