Chic loft apartment – fabulous ideas for living room interiors

Elegant living room chic loft apartment large sofa set glass coffee table exposed ceiling beams

Loft style is a design style which offers creative ideas for the interior designs of loft apartments.

Industrial loft apartment living room design black white

We have collected 20 fabulous ideas for living room interiors in chic loft apartments which impress with simplicity, a harmonious blend of old and new in interior decoration.

living room loft apartment minimalist interior design white walls floor modern floor lamp

The designs feature different styles – minimalist interiors, industrial, modern or traditional.

 Chic loft apartment – color options

Loft apartment living room interior hardwood floor brick walls fireplace leather sofa

The color palette in chic loft apartments features trendy gray, brown and beige shades for a more urban appearance, white, especially in minimalist interiors, color accents of red, blue, green yellow which add depth to the design.

 Chic loft apartment interior design living room ideas contemporary style furniture

It all depends on what exactly you want to create in your living room – industrial design, contemporary or high tech – and the colors would be based solely on the personal taste.

 Chic loft apartment furniture ideas living room design

Of course, the rules of good taste should not be forgotten and you need to be careful not to overdo the colors.

 Furnishing a the living room of a chic loft apartment

chic loft apartment modern living room extravagant carpet white sectional sofa set open shelves

Loft style is one of the most progressive trends in contemporary design which mixes old and new. A chic loft apartment is a demonstration of high status and wealth and often features luxury interiors.

Chic loft style studio modern living room brick wall shelves armchair

The design style appeared in the last century and was associated with artists and students who had limited resources.

 Loft living room design ideas open plan living room dining area

Later chic loft apartments became fashionable among the privileged and very wealthy people and nowadays is a symbol of creativity and success.

Chic loft apartment design living room interior ideas brick walls black leather sofa

The living room in a chic loft apartment is usually a large, open space which often preserves the pristine views of brick walls.

 Loft apartment ideas modern chic living room modern and vitage furniture

Many interiors combine “old” and “new” elements, where “old” could be masonry walls, sometimes partly plastered, pure white walls, natural floor covering or exposed ceiling beams.

amazing chic loft apartment glass floor living room design ideas

Modern living rooms can have transparent partition walls which reveal the structural and architectural accents of the room.

 loft interior design open plan living room hardwood flooring modern furniture

Many loft apartments are designed with an open space, i.e. the living room is not separated from the kitchen or dining area but the space is divided into different functional zones.

Chic loft apartment interior design living room ideas white sectional sofa set glass coffee table

The furniture features massive sofas upholstered in leather or expensive textiles, decorative pillows, chairs for visitors, ottomans, modern coffee tables, beautiful carpets and area rugs.

 Loft style interior design open plan living room hardwood floor exposed ceiling beams

loft style apartment wood elements rustic coffee table leather chair wall bookcase

loft living room design ideas neutral colors modern chandelier

loft apartment shabby chic living room design white beige colors

living room chic loft apartment modern white leather sofa

brick walls white sectional sofa modern wall art grey shaggy rug loft apartment design



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