Four floors penthouse apartment with a unique interior design

semi circular window four floors penthouse apartment interior design

This unique penthouse apartment is located in New York in one of the oldest and most famous skyscrapers, built in 1896. The apartment spreads over four floors and has a very interesting interior design. The penthouse was interior was designed by David Hotson Architect Architecture Studio, in collaboration with Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design. The interior has been uniquely decorated with a polished steel slide and a climbing wall.

 Penthouse apartment in one of the oldest skyscrapers in New York

skyscraper four floors penthouse apartment

Even if the penthouse apartment is one of the oldest skyscrapers in New York and the appearance of the building looks a bit retro, the penthouse is undoubtedly ultra modern. The interior has been defined by geometric shapes and minimalist design and was decorated mainly in white. The white interior is enlivened with decorative elements in orange or blue. The glass is implemented as a constant on each floor. Glass panels with geometric shapes can be seen as internal walls in the apartment everywhere.

Modern penthouse apartment in New York with roof terrace and spectacular views

rooftop terrace colorful furniture penthouse apartment

The penthouse apartment has a rooftop terrace with unique breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The flooring of wood creates a cozy and warm atmosphere which is enhanced by the comfortable lounge furniture in bright colors. The windows with semi-circular shape are in contrast with the modern interior. The designers have created particularly original methods of transportation between floors, if you do not feel like taking the stairs or the elevator. A climbing wall allows one to reach the top floor in the apartment. And on the way from top to bottom helps a polished steel slide.


orange entry door modern penthouse apartment interior

A look from above at the living room

living room interior conteporary penthouse design

 Portrait art as wall decoration

portrait art contemporary apartment interior

 Seating area on the upper floor

sofa floral pattern four floors penthouse interior

 Living room with blue elements and slide

modern living room interior penthouse apartment

Polished steel slide from the attic to the entrance floor

slide spiral form penthouse interior design Skyhouse

polished steel slide effects modern penthouse apartment

nursery room wall art four floors penthouse apartment interior

Skyhouse minimalist interior design ideas

minimalist apartment white interior design

penthouse apartment interior slide Skyhouse

modern interior design ideas slide Skyhouse apartment New York

modern bedroom interior design penthouse apartment

minimalist interior design glossy white modern home

interior glass walls penthouse apartment design

climbing wall contemporary penthouse apartment interior

elements of glass penthouse apartment interior design

diagonal roof  bedroom penthouse apartment new york Skyhouse

top level of four floors apartment

bedroom orange four floors penthouse apartment interior


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