Modern wall art ideas from recycled wood brings nature into your home

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We have collected unique wall art ideas that open up new horizons for the recycling of construction materials. The ideas show various decorative plates crafted from recycled wood.

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These beautiful and original pieces of art gracefully decorate living room walls and can be integrated into almost any interior. Get some inspiration and ideas for your individual wall design!

Exceptional wall art ideas from recycled wood

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The wooden panels depict a colorful picture of wood species including white oak, white ash and elm, cut into thin strips. Each segment is hand selected for its visual aesthetics, uniqueness and beauty.

Wood upcycling ideas wall decorating reclaimed wood species patina

Complemented by a natural patina that protects the material, these exclusive wall art ideas bring nature into your home. The natural brown color and the variety of shades radiates warmth, comfort and naturalness.

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The dark brown elements were once the components of internal structures, while the silver-brown blocks and boards formed the exterior.

 Wall art ideas from recycled wood for unique home decor


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Each piece of wood is heat treated for stabilization. You can not imitate the colors and textures that are created by nature.

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The spectacular wall art ideas feature a combination of unique structures and textures and adds a new dimension to the room.

unique wall art ideas reclaimed wood ideas wall decorating ideas

The decorative pieces made from recycled wood once more prove that wood is a timeless material and its natural beauty can be used in various ways, even for wall art ideas.



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