Wooden Innovative ceiling design by bluarch

Posted on 24/04/2012 Author: . Under: Interior Design

Innovative wooden ceiling design by bluarch


Wooden modern innovative ceilings design by bluarch

Bluarch create a stunning innovative ceiling design for the Innuendo restaurant located in Port Washington, New York. The project represents an installation made from linked poplar sticks forming separate fenestration prismatic structures. The structures are all connected in a single irregularly-shaped body hung from the ceiling looking like a floating organic cloud. This innovative ceiling design has the impact of a three-dimensional complex construction. Made from identical elements arranged in layers the installation expresses a concept of self-similarity and non-differentiability. At the same time it implies a feeling of a restless, ever moving space.


Wooden modern innovative ceilings design by bluarch

The innovative ceiling design that bluarch create has the same formal behavior when looked form near and from afar. Walking across the restaurant reveals the continuous flow of the installation construction. It looks as though the structure is multiplying constantly as one walks beneath it. The non-differentiable elements multiply with the same detail and imply a sense of eternity and continuity. This dimension of the innovative ceiling design turns the restaurant space into an exciting interesting environment that feels alive and constantly shifting. The special atmosphere in the place is exalted by an integrated LED lighting system placed cautiously among the wooden structure. The role of the light is crucial for the impact of the place. It multiplies the effect of mobility, depth and weightlessness and adds a fairy feeling in the air.

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