Interior Fashion Trends for 2013 From Advice by Lisa Canning

Lisa Canning interior trends

The arrival of a New Year sets may of us alive with ideas for restyling our interiors.  Here are some tips on the subject of new  interior fashion trends as prescribed by leading designer Lisa Canning.


Interior Fashion Trends for 2013

Modern interior design ideas


It hardly seems five minutes since designers were promoting the use of rich berry colors as well as vibrant tangerine hues to enliven our living spaces.  Now, with the influence of pantone to direct designers, this old color palette is being replaced by a new one which features vibrant emerald green as star of the show.  But it is not just color that is on the march, patterns and textures also figure in any serious interior makeover.

Interior Fashion Trends by Lisa Canning

Contemporary decoration ideas - zebra cushions

Lisa Canning has been busy researching the most recent interior fashion trends for 2013 and how these can be transferred into our home interiors.

Lisa says that

“In general, I think we will see a continuation of a very personal approach to interior design, with pieces that have a story, whether they were made by your grandmother or by your favorite designer,” also adding that. “It’s a custom look that has charm and character, where every piece is beautiful, tells a story and looks unique.”  Here are some more of Lisa’s top tips.


Color trends for 2013

Bed linen in modern colors by Lisa Canning

Last year Tangerine Tango was Pantone’s must have color.  To top this, for 2013, they have announced Emerald as color of the year. However, although emerald green is dominating, of course other colors feature in this year’s interior fashion trends.  Lisa believes that. “Bold, vibrant colors will be everywhere including orange, purple, raspberry, and shades of denim blues,”. As is always the case, neutral color schemes will continue to have a place in any new color trend forecasts.  These colors are timeless and if desired can always be lifted by the introduction of a few accessories in the more vibrant fashion colors of 2013.


The Latest Interior Fashion Trends for Lighting

Interior fashion trends for 2013 

In 2013 Lisa predicts that glamorous lighting will be hugely in vogue, she says that. “Brass will be massive for this year when it comes to lighting and decorating in general,” She also suggests selecting “…an oversized brass pendant in the kitchen for a statement piece or a vintage table lamp in the study for a retro edge.”


Styling to achieve 2013 Interior Fashion Trends

Latest interior design trends 2013

The trend for 2013 will be for well organized and uncluttered interior spaces with feature highlights.  Lisa says that “It’s the idea that all the small details of our lives and homes can be styled, even home office accessories– creating a vignette out of vintage scissors, a red stapler and sparkly thumb tacks. Look to magazines, websites and social media platforms like Instagram and Pin Interest to see how these small details can be celebrated.”


Interior Patterns Trends for 2013

Interior decoration ideas by Lisa Canning

According to Lisa “We certainly won’t be shy when it comes to patterns in 2013,”she expands on this by saying that, bold animal prints such as  leopard, zebra, cowhide and ostrich feather textures will continue to gain in popularity.  She believes “…we’ll also see more bold patterns used in furniture rather than just small amounts in accessories or wallpaper.”  Her recommendation is that, if you are not happy to incorporate a large area of daring print onto a sofa or similar piece, use it on a smaller object such as an ottoman or pouf, as these are furniture items that will also be very fashionable in 2013.


Fabulous Furniture for 2013’s Interior Fashion Trends

White sofa design by Lisa Canning

Lisa recommends that for 2013 a creative eclectic approach will achieve this year’s desired interior fashion trends  For example, “mixing up classic styles with unique elements for a custom look”  to explain this even further she says that. “Traditional furniture with whimsical touches, like animal legs on wing backs, claws on ottomans and branch legs on accent tables, provides a fanciful touch to modern and traditional rooms alike,” will all be perfect to achieve current styling trends.

Interior Fashion Trends

Interior ideas by Lisa Canning

So it certainly looks as though this is a year to have fun with our interiors and be prepared to step outside ‘safe’ styling boundaries in order to create more expressive and personalized interiors.  Interior fashion trends for 2013 are positively endorsing an individualized approach.


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