Interior Design Predictions for 2013 by Emma Reddington


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As would be expected, each New Year heralds change in the dynamic world of interior design.  Emma Reddington is a prestigious interior designer.  She is also a recognized lifestyle expert and creator of the influential Marion House Book, here are her thoughts on what will be gracing the most fashionable homes in 2013.


Interior Design Predictions for 2013

Based on ideas by Emma Reddington of ‘The Marion House Book’

Interior design prediction for 2013 

Emma has noticed that certain colors, patterns and materials are ‘high on the radar’ for this year.  Her interior design predictions for 2013 indicate that

“Warm apricots, pastel pinks, and dewy lavenders are making a big impact on interiors. Often paired with neutral shades of grey and white, the overall look is one of pale beauty. It’s a softer take on the trendy Scandinavian style which often combines white and black in stark contrast.”


Contrasting Color Trends for 2013

Fashion trends in home decoration by Emma Reddington


If you are not a fan of a pale color palette then don’t despair, there is an alternative. Emma suggests that you can head towards the opposite end of the spectrum for your inspiration.  She recommends that some people “embrace the dark side of interior decorating”.  2013 sees a revival of trends not seen since the 1980’s with interiors being clad floor to ceiling in darker, atmospheric colors.  This extreme includes dramatic black, but if you want to explore this bold decorating strategy you may want to limit it to a single room to avoid over kill!


Interior Design Predictions for 2013 say that Bold is Beautiful

Interior design prediction based on ideas by Emma Reddington

There appears to be nothing coy about interior design predictions for 2013.  The suggestion is that bold is beautiful.

In addition to color, making a powerful visual statement can be achieved in numerous ways around the house. Through selecting bold patterns like the chevron for; wallpapers, tiles and rugs, or choosing large flamboyant light fittings and other fixtures, you will be totally in touch with current interior design trends.


Metal Remains BIG in Interior Design Predictions for 2013

Lovely kitchen interior idea by Emma Reddington

Emma notes that brass made a big comeback in 2012 and will continue to be super popular in 2013.  Look out for brass fixtures, faucets, hardware and decorative objects. In addition new trends are embracing other metals such as the warmth of copper which is breaking away from the long lived preference for colder materials such as nickel and aluminum.

Fashion Interior Prediction for 2013

Trends in the modern design

Emma also believes that 2013 is a year for expressing yourself and having ‘fun with our spaces’.  All this implies that this year is very liberating and that its pretty much a year for pleasing yourself, doing what feels right for you and perhaps breaking a few rigid design rules.

So interior design predictions for 2013 are definitely encouraging us to be brave and express ourselves more than ever through our home interiors.

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Brave Modern Interior Design Prediction

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