Apartment interior design – Living Foz

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Apartment interior design – Living Foz

A project by: dEMM Architecture



Minimalist architecture apartment building by dEMM Arquitectura

This wonderful apartment interior design building is located in Porto, Portugal near the seaside. It consists of forty apartments over seven floors and was completed in 2010. The unusual shape of the building is not only a creative design idea it is also very practical. It creates shades and protects the living areas. It also emphasizes the contrast between the dark glass concrete and the white concrete. The architectural structure of the facades has a continuum to the external areas which are very suitable for relaxing or creating a beautiful landscape. This building is a perfect example of apartment interior design for the future.


Apartment interior design – Modern minimalist design terrace

One of the best features in this building is not only the apartment interior design but also the gorgeous landscape. Actually, about 30 percent of the plot land is a garden, which also obtains an appropriate space between the apartment building and the other constructions in the area. The garden is a great playground, a place for relaxation, comfort and peace. The quality of the materials, the unusual but practical architecture and the stylish, modern apartment interior design make the apartments in this building very desirable.

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