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This lovely heirloom apartment is located in Linnestaden, Sweden. It occupies a single level in an 18-unit building and shares a view over a beautiful, Swedish-style courtyard in a farm-like manner within the confines of the city. Although this lovely open-plan apartment is designed for a modern convenience, through some of the reminiscent elements it holds the spirit of the early 1900s.

Heirloom Apartment Design Ideas

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The entire interior is literally soaked in rousing whiteness which allows the interior space to be naturally sun-soaked as the outdoor sunlight playfully bounces and frolics within the living area. The open-space concept allows you to feel instantly at home in every room, because the different living areas somehow naturally subvert into each other.

Swedish Heirloom Apartment Interior Design

White kitchen design

Although we are talking about an apartment that is filled with accessories and elements from the past century and has an overall interior design of the 1900s, the kitchen and the bathroom are remodeled in a very modern and stylish way in perfect balance with the rest of the interior.

Because the floors, the ceiling, the walls, even the furniture is white, this interior decor allows the area to be filled with different colors through accessories and decorations, without distracting the eye from the overall clean decor appeal. You can see how naturally the colorful cushions, the sofa and the frames on the walls flow together with the beautiful sparkling white surrounding.

Dining Room in a Swedish Heirloom Apartment

Interior design in a heirloom apartment

The homely, warm feeling comes from the modern, colorful furnishing and the eclectic colors of the accessories – such as rugs, cushions, and decorative pieces.

The vast-opened, modern kitchen is fully equipped with everything necessary for the home and is a fully-open area which makes it even more convenient. The counter tops and the glass cabinet doors add a little modern touch, creating a gorgeous balance between the old and the new in the decor.


The bedroom is filled with different vivid colors in order to create a more comfortable look and add a little bit of an individual, intimate atmosphere to the interior space. Besides from that the bedroom has a very typical Swedish and chic overall appeal.

 Bedroom Interior Design

White bedroom design


Storage Compartment in a Heirloom Apartment

Heirloom apartment design ideas



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View from a Dining Room

Decoration ideas for a heirloom apartment


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