Fabulous Luxury Mosaics by Bisazza of Italy

Wall design with Bisazza mosaics

The leading Italian company Bisazza is an expert in a very specialist field.  This is the design and installation of fabulous luxury mosaics.  Examples of their most glorious contemporary mosaics are appearing all around the globe.  These are adorning entrances, to corporate buildings, enhancing public places and even enlivening metro stations.  Whether for domestic enjoyment or more elaborate projects, each mosaic composition becomes a sensational artistic statement that will potentially last for ever.

A Brief History of Fabulous Luxury Mosaics by Bisazza

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Historically, mosaic art has always been about making beautiful artwork with small pieces of colored stones, glass, ceramic and even precious metal. This form of art has been around for centuries. The basic technique has remained pretty much the same since ancient times. The art of mosaic first emerged thousands of years ago.  Then it was created with the most basic hand tools to complete the artisan’s vision. Fantastic examples have been discovered representing the artistry of various ancient civilizations across the world.

Astonishing Luxury Mosaics by Bisazza

Luxury mosaics by Bisazza

The earliest known examples show stunning pavements made from small pebbles, these were composed into intricate geometric patterns and shapes. The Greeks used this technique as far back as the 4th century BCE.  Later, in 4th century, spectacular mosaic art was used to adorn early Christian churches and basilicas. Mainly, these elaborate often colorful art works, depicted religious themes. An exceptionally fine example can be seen at St. Aquilinus Chapel in San Lorenzo, Italy.  The ancient Romans were particularly expert in creating fabulous luxury mosaics. This can be evidenced in the beautiful designs found in Ravenna a city once rich in the application of fantastic mosaic artworks. After this region fell to the Byzantine Empire the art of mosaic was eagerly adopted in the east.

Fabulous Luxury Mosaics for Bathroom

Stylish bathroom design with Bisazza mosaics

New ideas and techniques were discovered by Byzantine craftsmen and artists who started to use ‘smalti’, which is special type of glass.  Minute air bubbles trapped inside the smalti added a beautiful luminance to the luxury mosaic art. There is also a definite difference between the styles and function of Roman and Byzantine mosaic art. In the Roman era, mosaics were used largely to decorate floors but during the Byzantine period, mosaics were used to adorn walls and ceilings.

Luxury Mosaic Art by Bisazza

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Mosaic art can also be seen widely across Islamic nations. The difference is that Mosques and other grand buildings would be decorated in abstract geometric patterns as opposed to figurative images. The Great Mosque at Cordoba is a perfect example of Islamic mosaic work.

Space Metro Station with Bisazza Mosaics

Luxury sea blue mosaics

Since these earliest times mosaic art has remained a popular way of adorning churches, public buildings, palaces and more modest domestic interiors.  But, as it remains today, mosaic was an expensive luxury product that could only be afforded by the wealthiest people from any society


Fabulous Luxury Mosaics Continue an Ancient Tradition

Luxury mosaics design by Bisazza

Contemporary mosaic work is not the most common form of interior or architectural design, but it is one of the most enduring.  Bisazza can be seen to be continuing an ancient tradition in their creation of fabulous luxury mosaic works.  Some of the techniques will have been enhanced by modern technologies but the process remains broadly unchanged.  The application may have shifted away from religious buildings to public and domestic interiors but the fact remain that fabulous luxury mosaics enhance an environment in a manner that can’t be matched.  The examples shown on the Bizarra website indicate the breath taking quality of their project work.

Luxury Mosaics Collection

Luxury mosaics for contemporary home

The rich diversity of designs displayed here is the result of exciting collaborations with many leading international artists and designers.  As with ancient times, Bizarra create stunning mosaics on walls, ceilings, and floors.  They also design free standing sculptural pieces and smaller portable accessories such as mirror frames.  Projects may be massive, environmental changing pieces or smaller more intimate installations.  Each piece is created with vision, skill and a passion for making something extra special.  The art of making fabulous luxury mosaics has continued for millennia and with companies such as Bisazza there is no foreseeable end to the production of this fascinating art form.


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