Sumptuous Contemporary Italian Interiors by Tomasso Ziffer

Contemporary  Italian Interiors hotel lobby black sofa luxury design

The Italian Tomasso Ziffer is certainly no shrinking violet in the world of architecture and interior design. He is known for his bold approach to designing both contemporary and traditional living spaces and his contemporary Italian interiors are continually featured in the most stylish international design journals and magazines. Graduating from Univesità degli studi di Roma in 1983, Ziffer has been making grand design statements ever since.

Tomasso Ziffer’s Prestigious Contemporary Italian Interiors

Contemporary Italian Interiors dining room glass dining table red white

Amongst Ziffer’s most prestigious projects was the interior design of the leading multifunctional exposition space, the Accademia Valentino in Rome which was completed in 1992. And in 2000 he worked on Rome’s most successful hotel, the Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Russie. Ziffer was also responsible for adapting his contemporary Italian interior design style to the Casa Howard, a famous guest house in Rome and in 2006 he traveled to Germany to work on the interior design of the Hotel de Rome in Berlin.

Confident Color and Texture Define Ziffer’s Contemporary Italian Interiors

 Work space home street art

Tomasso Ziffer’s website exhibits his full and inspirational portfolio of projects both domestic and commercial. There is no doubting Ziffer’s talent, whatever the scale or style of each project he consistently uses powerful colors with confidence and flair. He combines the luscious tactile and patterned qualities of luxurious fabrics to produce a distinctive opulent mood in each interior space. Whether working to a modern, classical or eclectic brief, Ziffer sources and places unique collections of high quality furniture creatively within each interior space. His work has an aristocratic character and surely extends a sense of immense well being for those fortunate enough to experience it.

Modern lobby design 

Contemporary Italian Interiors modern art walls hotel lobby

The fabulous images shown here are intended to raise awareness of this designer’s remarkable work but also to inspire budding home stylists and designers to recreate similar interiors. These maybe for personal satisfaction or indeed for clients who would like to enjoy a similarly luxurious lifestyle inspired by contemporary Italian interior design.

Contemporary interior- hotel Berlin

Contemporary  Interiors tomasso ziffer hotel Berlin

Hotel foyer

 red designer tomasso ziffer

White shining living room

Contemporary  Interiors living room white sofa large window

Wooden bedroom

Contemporary  Italian interiors bedroom wooden elements

Chic hotel room

Contemporary  Italian Interiors bedroom designer tomasso ziffer

Wooden kitchen cabinet

Contemporary  Italian Interiors wood steel modern kitchen

White marble bathroom

Contemporary Italian Interiors white bathroom luxury

Red desk & black chairs 

Contemporary  Italian Interiors red desk black chairs


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