Art interior design Apartment in New York City


Art apartment interior design in New York

If you are a fan of the adventures, then this apartment in Chelsea, New York City with a surreal art interior design will surprise you. A submarine style greets visitors even before they go inside. The area of the apartment is 1800 square foot. When the visitor came inside, he would be surprised, because this retro industrial  art interior design apartment is a truly unique living space.

The steampunk art interior design here is successfully combined with extremely fun and colorful furnishings. Equipment includes surreal and retro industrial elements, and this gives both futuristic and a very charming appearance of the dwelling. In this unique apartment, the visitors can encounter a variety of accessories in style a pirate ship, such as nautical pulleys, parachutes, knobs, horns, chains and other interesting details. Kitchen looks great, of course, and it is furnished in the same tone, but the futuristic art interior design here is varied by a slight retro flavor, which makes the situation even more attractive.

Kitchen design


Perhaps you have already impressed the ceiling-mounted light fixture. It is certainly a modern interior design idea, a memorable and attractive interior focus. Of course, let the retro interior hint do not fool you, because these kitchen appliances are very modern. The premise is equipped with high-end appliances and stainless steel countertops. Meanwhile all this is combined with an old ship helm and decorative wooden casts and ropes, which again is an excellent modern interior design idea.

Another interesting and modern interior design idea, this is an opened parachute on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms in the house. As to the bathroom, it is also is decorated uniquely. The half room is decorated with items such as wrenches and tools – a worthy continuation in the spirit of modern interior design ideas.

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Living room interior design


Art Living room design



Bedroom interior design


Wc interior design


Bathroom interior design


The terrace



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