The apartment interior design – River View Penthouse


The apartment interior design – River View Penthouse

In the apartment interior design there must be unity of style and general outlook, but there should also be a romantic element, which would make the apartment unique and distinguishable.

The apartment must be cosy and convenient for the household masters. This is exactly what has been achieved in the apartment interior design of a flat in New York. The apartment interior design is stylish and speaks for a sense of furnishing taste and attention to detail. It is projected on two separate levels, the first being structured as classical apartment, providing the comfort and conveniences one would expect. The most commonly used rooms throughout the daytime are the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, projected as separate cribs, each of which with its own idea.

The general appearance speaks for a sense of art with separately chosen arts elements. The grand piano in the living-room is the accent of the interior and the wall-lamps are the focal point of the place’s design, a combination of originality. The combination of the various interior elements is well thought out and it gives opportunities for achieving an excellent end result. The wooden cupboard between the dining-room and the kitchen is perfectly suited, creating a bordering space between the two rooms. The large windows make up for good lighting conditions and make the rooms appear spacious and pleasant. The romantic element is represented by the upper level, which can be reached using a ladder. It is entirely constructed of aluminum and glass and it’s in essence a mansard, a place for sleeping. A bed beneath the open sky, surrounded by tea candles, is a dream for every romantic person, who loves to dream and go to sleep under the starry sky. It is possible for us to grand ourselves this king of pleasure, if we have the opportunity and an idea for the apartment interior design of our own.
B. Angelov

River View Penthouse by  Carol Maryan Architects


Apartment interior design idea – Bedroom


Apartment interior design idea – living room


Apartment interior design idea- Kitchen


Apartment interior design idea- Bathroom


Apartment interior design idea- Bathroom


The apartment interior design – River View Penthouse

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