Tabletop fountains – a calming sound of running water at any time

feng shui tabletop fountains modern home interior design

What are tabletop fountains and why are they so popular? These charming fountains are not only true home decoration, but they represent two philosophies. In the first place they are accepted as a mascot of the home and a source of living, positive energy. Water has always been a source of life and that is another reason why people love these miniature fountains – the belief that water purifies homes and brings peace to the occupants.

 Tabletop fountains – a perfect decoration for any home or office

natural slate stone tabletop fountain living room decorating ideas

Tabletop fountains perfectly fit into any decor, whether it’s an office or a bedroom, a living room or a reading corner. They blend in the decor in a harmonious way and bring joy, calmness and a rest of mind. The market offers tabletop fountains which will satisfy any taste and accentuate your personality – classic, modern, Asian-inspired, etc. Modern designs are most suitable for the office but will also look attractive in contemporary interiors. Decorative fountains for homes feature interesting designs, decorated with glass balls, beautifully illuminated or combining the two basic elements of Nature – fire and water.

 Tabletop fountains create coziness, comfort

feng shui tabletop fountain modern home accessories

Tabletop fountains are an original gift and you will never go wrong if you gave one as a present to your boss, colleague, family members or friends, and even as a wedding gift. You can choose from waterfalls, cascades, or designs that imitate landscapes or architectural structures. Stones, bamboo, abstract compositions, glass – anything that you can think of! One thing is for sure – a decorative tabletop fountain will please anyone and add a stylish accent to the home.


tabletop fountain wedding gift ideas

A tabletop fountain combining water and fire

decorative tabletop fountain metal canldles water

A cascade fountain with miniature clock

cascade tabletop fountain with clock housewarming gifts ideas

 The sound of water brings a peace of mind

tabletop water fountains cascade fountains indoor

  A beautiful tabletop fountain with rocks and stones

tabletop fountains home decorating ideas

 A perfect gift for a new home

slate tabletop fountain river stones elegant home accessories

A modern tabletop fountain for the balcony seating area

patio deck decoration tabletop fountain

Candles and running water

modern indoor tabletop fountains candles running water

Rocks and hidden lighting

illuminated tabletop fountain waterfall rocks

tabletop fountains ideas indoor cascade fountains

stylish home accessories zen tabletop fountain

modern tabletop water fountain design home office accessories

indoor waterfalls ideas tabletop fountain

indoor fountains tabletop fountains designs stones lake design

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 tabletop fountain home accessories wedding gift ideas

classic tabletop fountain home decorating ideas

cascade steps tabletop fountain stone

beautiful tabletop fountain stones metal home decoration

vintage tabletop fountain ceramic butterflies decoration

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