Living Space – A Game with the Interior


High tech living space interior

No matter how good a household’s interior living space is thought out, in time it begins to create a feeling of tiredness by the familiarity of the surroundings.

Changing the living space interior doesn’t necessarily mean changing the furniture and decoration, as well. It’s enough to make some adjustments and corrections, with which to lighten up the interior and make it interesting for its inhabitants again. One decision is to move all the furniture to one hundred eighty degrees clockwise. That way every single wall would get its mirror image. The result would be a completely different room in terms of appearance.

Living Space – Red living room interior design


Living Space – Red living room interior design

Another  living space idea is toying with the decorations. With the help of a few new beautiful frames, the walls can be decorated with favourite pictures or drawings. Collected in groups of a certain number, they can be moved from time to time to lighten up the interior of a specific room. Room plants are another way of changing the interior. There is a variety of unusual and beautiful plants on the market, which are easy to look after, and can change the room in their own way. Placed on specific places on the floor and appropriately lit, so that in the evening the light would run across their leaves, they will create cosiness and an unexpected beauty in the room.

Living room with playing colours tropical wallpaper


Living space with playing colours tropical wallpaper

New curtains for the windows immediately change the whole room’s appearance. If they are combined with cushions for the sofa, sewn from the same cloth as the curtains, they will create a colourful speck in the room, which would change its visual appearance. The old furniture can be painted in an appropriate way. The wooden bed can be painted white and arranged with suitable curtains, coverings, pillows, which would all change its appearance. The white colour in the living space is suitable for any kind of idea and helps give the room a romantic and pleasant appearance.

High tech living space interior


Modern high tech living space interior design

The interior can gain a new outlook just by changing the accenting lighting. It usually targets the eyes to a specific object, which makes it a centre piece, and distracts from the rest of the interior. Changing the accent, the attention will be attracted to another object, which would become the new colour speck in the room, or would change the general object comprehension, accenting on one of them, which had so far been left unnoticed. By playing with the interior, a different outlook for the place can be established, which would make us look at it form a whole new perspective.
Text by B. Angelov

High tech living space design


High tech living space design


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