Inside interiors – Adaptively captivated under the train tracks


Inside Interiors -Komplementair luxurious accessories boutique designed by Aekae

When we thought we’ve seen it all… Well, now we know that beauty can be found anywhere.

Take a look inside interior of this amazing place. It occupies a vault beneath a 19th- century railway that is still operational. Underneath these train tracks you can find nice shops and restaurants, but we will focus only on one in particular. It is the Komplementair luxurious accessories boutique which was designed by Aekae.

Landmarked stone arches with steel beam system


Inside Interior – Landmarked stone arches with steel beam system

Do you see these landmarked stone arches? Well it is strictly forbidden to touch them, so Aekae couldn’t build anything that involves them, they had to go around by creating a steel- beam system that supports the 1,400-square-foot two levels interior all by itself. This is quite tough. It is a whole new independent structure within a structure of stones. Can you imagine? All of the shops and the restaurants are built this way underneath the railway. The beautiful, historic interior surrounding which is combined with the vintage wooden furniture suits perfectly the men and women’s shoes and bags that are offered in the boutique.

Inside the Interior komplementair by Aekae

The ground level’s white flooring is just astonishingly stylish and complements the surroundings. You can see the conical black lamp shades that are supported by the adjustable brass rods, as well as the traditional clothes hanger, and the black counter. The industrial steel staircase leads us to the second level, which is also a part of this inner construction created by Aekae.

Exceptional style interior design


Everything is made with exceptional style and imagination. The stones give a nice scent of the 19th century and the new modern, boutique design sends us right away into the future. This place is like a beautiful embrace between the past and the future. The combination between the two is just extraordinary, it shows us that history has its own special place in our future.

Adaptively captivated under the train tracks botique


Adaptively captivated under the train tracks botique

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