Innovative design – modern and eco look


Innovative design modern and eco look dividers

Innovative design  people continually demonstrate their desire to live in ecological harmony with nature.

It is actual use of recycled materials in everyday life. The aim is not to pollute the environment and materials to be used in the best and useful way. The requirement for an environmental lifestyle committed work of designers worldwide. We offer interesting design professionals from 3form. Elements of their new concepts sculptures are suitable for offices, showrooms and public and administrative buildings with ultra modern look. Innovative design products are made of three-dimensional geometric figures and provide endless opportunities for shaping the various sculpture forms. The innovative design elements are combined in different configurations easily, their impact is unique.

3D modular elements with innovative design


3D modular elements with innovative design

The innovative design elements have aesthetic and pragmatic properties, can be used to cover walls, ceilings, cladding of traditional architectural elements or have a background of beautiful furniture or artwork. Another option is to use as walls or separated in a separate room space. The combination of elements changing interior design of the building. Massive column appears dressed differently. It gives space style, completeness and ease. Partition wall 3form makes a new kind of room and breaks the symmetry. The innovative design elements are attached in a variety of options to form plane curves can be 360 degrees and takes interesting shapes depending on the design and function.

Ditto innovative design solutions by 3form Europe

The innovative design Elements can be of one color, and are combined in appropriate colors. The translucent material allows playing with lights and shadows and get beautiful effects. Very impressive is the reflection of bright color on the wall translucent design elements. The brings colors an interesting element in the interior. The unique design of modular elements sculptures can be placed in rooms of different sizes and balanced space. With lighting effects they give depth to the room. The great room looks cozy with the modular wall.

Ditto 3D wall innovative design surface


Ditto 3D wall innovative design surface

The elements are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate, nylon and aluminum can be recycled. Designers are possible modules to disassemble and assemble new forms. The combination depends on the tastes and needs of people as well as space and purpose of its use. The design must be made with an eye for detail to make the room attractive and modern.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Ditto 3D wall covering with innovative design


Innovative design wall covering

Ditto contemporary 3D innovative design dividers


3D innovative design dividers

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