Ideas for fresh interior outlook

Posted on 03/01/2012 Author: . Under: Interior Design

Ideas for an always new and fresh interior outlook


Modern open concept living space interior

The monotony in the interior outlook at home is one of the main reasons for the boredom and dissatisfaction of the surrounding interior. Rearranging the furniture is the most commonly used method of fighting against the lack of variety. These opportunities are also, however, limited. That’s why the ideas of companies offering innovations in the interior configuration should be used. From the variety of tiles, glass and wall drawings such can be chosen, that change their colour with the change in temperature. The floor and wall tiles offer the biggest possibilities.


Japanese wall tiles Dent Cube by Inax

There are unusual tiles, which have the property to hide within them certain images, which appear on their surface upon being sprinkled with water. The quantity of water determines how pale the pictures will be and where will they appear. Threads, which change their colour according to the sunlight, can also be used. The interior elements, created from such threads, constantly change and this style can never get boring. The project Solid Poetry gives unexpected opportunities for the interior designers with their secret technique of changing the materials’ colour.

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