The Maisonette interior – Ideas and rules for furnishing


A maisonette interior design and furniture choice is a particularly tough challenge because of its specification of being a two-storey flat. The requirements are to look for space and a functional connection between the separate storeys, to create a functional connection between architectural elements, such as the stairs, corridors, atriums or elevators. Maisonettes are often situated under the roof space, on a mansard storey, where sloped ceilings are an additional challenge for the interior designer.

Modern maisonette interior design


If the idea of having clearly defined spaces, seeking their best functionality while using effective materials is followed, then a good result will be achieved. The first step is choosing the style, in which the maisonette interior will be designed. Minimalism is an appropriate idea, as it creates a notion of a unique household functionality and innovation by its clean lines and shapes. The feeling of comfort comes from the arrangement, combining ideas, shapes and materials. A real challenge is the seemingly simple stairway.

Minimalist maisonette stairs design


There should be space sufficiently large for placing a staircase, which will, at the same, time serve as a connection between the daytime area, which is usually on the first floor, and night-time zone, which is usually on the second. It’s good to have lighting for the entire stairway. This can be achieved by luminescent pipes, attached to the banister, which create a continuous light stripe. Small lamps can be placed on every step.

Comfortable maisonette furnishing


The right furniture creates a unique configuration, the colours and materials should be chosen in such a manner, so as to complement the general interior design. Stone, granite and marble would suit the minimalist style, while the contrast of black and white should be the main colour scheme. Spotted lighting, LED systems and flexible colour diodes are all good decisions. The maisonette furnishing needs a clear vision of what impression the home should make and when it’s designed with an aesthetic feeling, an excellent result is achieved.

Text by B. Angelov

Elegant furnishing design


Published by Dimitar Dimitrov