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Small Flat Living Room Interior

Decorating a small flat is easy, if it has been predetermined what objects and accessories are to be used for this purpose. There should be a striving for using a minimal amount of decorative elements, so that the notion of spaciousness and openness will be kept. Minimalism as a style of furnishing and decorating a small flat is most appropriate.The process of decorating a small flat should begin with the choice of colours for the wall and floor coverings. Light, cheerful nuances and pastel tones are most suitable. It would be good if the household has large windows. Then the flow of light would create an illusion of a larger space. Drapes, heavy curtains, large paintings and decorative elements aren’t suitable. The light and thin curtains let the light in and create a feeling of cosiness. The furniture should be in lighter tones. White is a very good choice. Lightly colored floor coverings play the same role, as well as pale and neutral textile and furniture elements, when it comes to decorating a small flat.

Small Flat Living Room Interior Design


Small Flat Living Room Interior Design

Another important moment, which should be kept in mind when decorating a small flat, is the lighting. Synthetic lighting should be strong and precisely focused. Accenting, general and local above certain areas is suitable for providing the comfort of the inhabitants. Lighting, built in the furniture itself, is an excellent idea, as it usually fits in well with the household’s general lighting concept. Mirrors are an essential structural and spatial element, which is to be well planned out when decorating a small flat, as they make the place appear more spatial and hospitable.

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The final touch when decorating a small flat is to make room for our favourite accessories. That includes everything, which is of sentimental character or is a reminiscent of a travel we don’t want to forget. The careful selection of objects would prevent the place from getting overcrowded. A statuette, sculpture or mask, collected from a past travel, or a work of art, such as a painting or a tapestry, are all good choices for a centre element of the place. Keep in mind, that the key element of decorating a small flat is moderation.

Text by B. Angelov

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